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Another shot at the cards you really, really wanted!

Given that we only produce a very small number of certain extra-special Futera cards, many sell out quickly. However, from time to time, for the reasons I'll state below, some of these cards become available for people to purchase again.

So, from Wednesday this week you'll get an opportunity to potentially buy some of the cards that 'sold out' in previous Futera UNIQUE-LIVE launches.

These cards could be back on sale due to some folks ordering too many of a particular card type. As you know, there is a 'limit per household' of any one card that can be purchased - so when the team processes the zillions of orders from a week's drop, if they find that someone has purchased more than the stated limit, they refund the customer for any over-ordered cards and arrange for the cards to come back into the system!

Another example is when customers become a bit over-excited when they've been stocking up their baskets and have forgotten that they have already ordered the same card previously... So, again, off goes their refund, and back goes the card into the Futera syste... All of this could be extremely good fortune for you!

We have decided to mix things up. Instead of just 'dropping' the cards back on to the website, we thought the fairest thing to do would be to offer you the chance to select the cards that you want to be considered for and enter into a raffle to have an opportunity to buy them.

If you put your name down for a specific card, and I randomly draw your name on Twitch, you'll then be sent an invoice to purchase the card within 48 hours.

We feel that this method allows everyone to get another fair chance to get a card they may have previously missed out on!

Ensure that you go over and subscribe to our Twitch account now!

Update: Live draw(s) will take place on Wednesday 31st March, Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd April at 9pm UK BST. Wednesday will be Group 1, Thursday Group 2 and Friday Group 3.

Until next time,



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