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Terms of Use



In these conditions, references to ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ are references to Futera  references to ‘you’ or ‘your’ are references to the person using the website(s). These Conditions (as may be amended from time to time) will govern the relationship between you and us.

These Terms of Use govern your use of the Futera website(s), online activity, purchases, card/collector/information and other services, including, without limitation, your use of any software that Futera or its suppliers refers to you and/or makes available to users, all of which under these Terms of Use may be collectively referred to as the “Futera Network.”  Futera (“Futera Limited” or ‘Futera’ or “we”) manage the Futera Network.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully since by using the Futera Network, you are confirming that you have read and understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and that you have read and understood and agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you may not use the Futera Network. By using any of our websites you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately on your first use and apply to any use going forward. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all the terms please do not access and/or use any of our websites.

Eligibility: You affirm that you are fully and legally able and competent to enter into these Terms of Use and agree to abide by and comply with them. If you are under 18 years of age, you affirm that you have obtained the consent of your parent or legal guardian to use this website. Individuals under the age of 18 years may use this site but purchases must be completed by adults who are able and authorised to make purchases with a credit card and/or through a Paypal account. Credit card payments are processed via the Paypal system. Futera reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in their sole discretion for any reason whatsoever including, without limitation, if you provide registration information which is false, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete.

We regret that we are not able to supply our products to your country.  If you place an order for a product that we are unable to ship to your country, we will necessarily have to cancel your order and refund any payment that you have made. We can not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur due to the cancellation of your order.

By placing an order on our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before placing an order.

Ownership, Content and Restrictions of Use
The trade marks, logos, trade names, game names, characters, brands and product names appearing on the Futera Network are trademarks/service marks or registered trademarks/service marks of Futera or of the appropriate third parties. Nothing contained in these terms shall be construed as conferring by implication, or otherwise any licence or right to use any trademark, patent, design right or copyright of Futera or of any other third party. The copying or use of any trademark or service mark or images without express written consent of the respective holder is strictly prohibited. The Futera Network is provided for your personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use of our content is strictly prohibited.

Unless otherwise specified, neither Futera nor its sports cards/NFT-related products/collectibles/services are endorsed by or sponsored by or associated with any of the players, teams, clubs, leagues, associations, bodies, sponsors, events, kit or clothing manufacturers who may feature in this collection, and no association should be inferred between these cards/artwork/services and any World Cup, Euro, Olympics, Competition or other Event/Title.  Futera football cards are not official products of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), The FA (The Football Association), La Liga, the Royal Belgian Football Association VZW nor of any other third party brand or entity unless otherwise stated. Images used in Futera collections are through offiicial licence with image suppliers and Sports Clubs/Associations for use in Futera merchandise with authorised territory being worldwide. Futera collections and services have been created based on UK intellectual property law to be compliant with all relevant English intellectual property and related laws and have been designed in such a way as to avoid infringement of any third party rights. If you have any query please contact us at

Every care is taken to ensure products do not intentionally infringe any trademarks or intellectual property rights and the Company will be glad to rectify any issue relating to the above that is brought to their attention. Futera copyright publications contain approved images provided from international sources under formal Licences and/or Agreements. All material is published in good faith as having been supplied for publication.

Statistics and card information are understood to be accurate at time of print. Futera undertakes comprehensive research in order to provide interesting and informative data relating to the subject matter but cannot be held responsible for omissions or inaccuracies. Futera does not in any manner make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value.

Futera will be pleased to address any anomaly or concern as appropriate upon being advised of such.



Content: Material, including images, dates, names and places is published in good faith as supplied for publication. Depending on the collection subject matter and country of distribution, event dates may reflect local time as guided by the industry/market(s) and if you require clarification please contact us. 


Futera publications contain approved images provided under formal Licences and/or Agreements. Unless otherwise stated, Futera, its sports cards and services are not endorsed by or associated with any bodies, sponsors, events, or apparel manufacturers appearing in any collection. Every care is taken to ensure products do not intentionally infringe any third party trademarks or intellectual property rights. 

INSERTS/CONTENT: Insert ratios quoted on the website, shop, and marketing material are averages taken across the packing of an entire production run and as such no particular card can be guaranteed to exist in any particular pack/box/case. Insert ratios give a ‘likelihood’ based on the number of inserts averaged over a Collection. Before purchasing please be sure you understand the above and that we hereby cannot accept claims for any pack, box, minicase or case which does not contain a particular card mix as the quantities are averages, if a case mix has less than expected or none of a particular type of card this is not deemed as a shortfall, just as some cases may contain more than the stated number, and replacement or additional cards cannot be provided in relation to any mix anomaly found in any particular box/case purchase.


Cards may be produced with materials which contain or appear to contain mild imperfections which are natural characteristics of finishing processes and are not production faults. Cards should be handled with care, particularly insert cards which have involved special treatments/finish in their production as a ‘collectible’, as claims can not be considered for cards suffering from handling damage. It is recommended that cards are placed in card protectors to support their condition and longevity and that all cards including paper board/metal/plastics or of other base or component material must be kept out of sunlight and in dry, room-temperature conditions to avoid changes in their original condition such as fading, delamination, discolouration or other environmental effects. Further, extreme temperatures, temperature change or humidity could cause adverse effects to card materials and where such circumstances are outside our control. Please refer to full terms & conditions herein.

Due to the individual hand-crafting and various finishing processes of insert cards slight imperfections in the print, foil, materials or crafting processes may occur and may be deemed part of the characteristics of the card. Some autograph cards may feature marks incurred during the player’s signing process such as pen or finger marks. Although we guide players on the ideal signing positions in relation to a card’s design, the cards are signed where and how the player wants to sign on the day, including in different areas of the cards and may be a full or abbreviated signature (or mixed throughout a set) in line with the player’s preference at the time. Players may occasionally add an element to their signature such as their jersey number or some personal touch.


Occasionally a card may be damaged during transportation and/or handling and claims may not be considered for such third party damage. Offers to assist in relation to any card anomaly would be made as a gesture of goodwill on the part of Futera and as such no negotiation about the type/player featured can be entered into. In the event of an actual card production process fault you may notify Futera who may at their discretion seek to obtain a replacement card. However, as cards are generally all packed at the time of production a replacement of a particular card type or player card may not be possible. Please note that there is no guarantee that if a card is offered to you that it would be the same type and the value would be according to the retail value of the original card at the time of the collection sales date and not according to any secondary market value at the time of any claim request. 


Care of gold plated frames: The gold plating on card frames is real gold but gold plating is not a permanent process and that whilst gold doesn’t tarnish, base metals underneath gold plating will oxidise over time. 24ct gold plated items can last 18 months to 30 months on average, but proper care will maximize its lifespan and items may be restored with a professional cleaning cloth. Avoid moisture and direct light.  Avoid handling as sweat can speed up tarnish. Avoid contact with liquids. Polishing and/or cleaning products may damage plating.  Please note that tarnishing is not a fault but is an inherent characteristic of gold-plated items which will occur over a period of time whether with jewellery or other items, and we do not cover tarnishing or gold plating wear over time.  Frames are hand-crafted, and as such may have minor inconsistency in design such as pits, uneven edges or cavities which are characteristics of the individual crafting and not manufacturing faults.

REDEMPTIONS: Unless otherwise stated, claims for redemption of cards would be deemed to be valid within  one year from the date of release of the collection. However, we try to help collectors where we can and will be pleased to take your details and check for cards which may have been placed in archive from that time. Archive visits generally take place on a three yearly-basis subject to circumstances which may affect this timing.


CUSTOMER/MARKET ALLOCATIONS/REFUNDS: If for any reason payment is refunded or part-refunded through the Paypal system, Futera can not be responsible for charges or currency conversions that Paypal may apply during their refund process which are outside our control and which may result in the net amount of refund being received equating to more or less than the original payment made (or pro-rata in the case of part-refunds). Please take care when ordering to check if there is any customer/household allocation applying to the product you are considering purchasing before you make your transaction through Paypal. Purchase of items exceeding the purchase limit will necessarily have to be refunded and can not take into account Paypal deductions.

PRICING: Unless otherwise stated, pricing shown on the Online Shop, in marketing material or through other advices would show a) the  Recommended Retail Price of the product b) postage cost relating to an international registered airmail postal service (this would exclude any taxes/duty or associated local charges which may be requested upon delivery which would be for the responsibility of the receiver). Unless otherwise stated on the Shop and/or sales marketing materials, orders generally despatch from Asia. If you require information relating to which country your order will be despatched from or if you would like us to check if there is a despatch option for a particular collection from a different country or region  (e.g. Europe) please contact us at


DELIVERY: Please advise at the time of ordering if you require any special delivery service, otherwise orders would normally be despatched from Asia using International Registered airmail postal service requiring a signature upon receipt. The International registered airmail service follows the package from despatch to destination Note: the Postal System's on-screen reports may not show handling stages once it has left the despatch country and may not show an update status until package arrival, this is normal.  A signature is required at delivery. International delivery is generally within 20 days from despatch, although can take longer for some destinations due to their handling processes.  Please allow 28 days from despatch of your order before becoming concerned as international shipping and clearance procdures of some countries can take longer than others (e.g. USA, Australia, Germany, Russia).  No refunds/claims are possible from the time Futera fulfils your order. In the event of non-receipt or package loss during transit, this would be a matter between yourself and the Post Office/Courier service handling the package and such claim would be taken up by you with them directly using their claims procedure. Futera will provide you with the original receipt from the Postal service/Courier showing the date and time when responsibility for your package passed to their services. See further details below.  We advise that buyers do not pre-sell products on the secondary market prior to receipt in the event of such unforeseen circumstances as postal delays or other anomalies beyond our control. 



YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: By using the Futera Network, you agree to: (a) provide true, accurate, current, and complete information as prompted by any registration/application form and maintain/update such information.

WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT USE THE SAME USER NAME AND/OR PASSWORD for World Football Online and/or other Futera services as you use for other online activities such as your personal email accounts (such as ‘Hotmail’). See Privacy Policy notes below.

You agree not to use the Futera Network to violate any local, state, national, or international law or regulation; transmit or threaten to transmit any material that is abusive, distasteful, harassing, tortious, defamatory, cause anxiety to other users, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable; transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam or any other form of solicitation; knowingly transmit any material that contains adware, malware, spyware, viruses, or any other computer code, files, programs, or take any action that may interrupt or affect the functionality or cause any irregularity of the Futera Network and/or service for its users. Such actions can be traced and depending on its nature, the appropriate Authorities would be involved. Where deemed appropriate by Futera, the user’s account may be closed, the IP address registered and blocked with loss of card functionality.

Futera does not, as part of a regular, established practice, monitor, control, or have knowledge of all content transmitted through the Futera Network. You agree that you are solely responsible for all content you transmit and receive using the Futera Network.

Translations: Information contained in this Website may be translated to other languages and Futera shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in the translations. The original text is written in English and the English version of the Website is the only version endorsed by Futera. Futera may not update or correct information that appears in the translations and for queries arising as to translated text, please refer to the English version. For full terms relating to your use of this website please refer to If you see a word or phrase that you believe is translated poorly or incorrectly, and you have a suggested translation, please contact Futera. Please tell us the URL/web page on which the error occurs, the English word or phrase, and the translation you believe is correct.

SERVICES & TRANSMISSIONS: We do not warrant that functions contained in our services and content will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected, or that Futera or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or bugs. Futera makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained on the Futera Network(s), not does it represent or warrant that the products or services offered or advertised through the Futera Network(s) will be available at all times.

If it is necessary for us to interrupt the Services then we may do so without telling you first. You acknowledge that the Services may also be interrupted for reasons beyond our control. You agree that we are not liable to you for any loss whether foreseeable or not arising as a result of any interruption to the Services. Our Programmers strive to ensure that our website(s) run in line with their intended operation, however technical problems may occasionally occur. We try to solve technical problems in a timely manner, and no claim will be accepted as a consequence of the methods used to rectify such technical problems and/or the consequences arising from such remedial action. Please note that for some technical issues external specialist companies may be involved and the hours of operation of such companies may result in some delay in rectifying a technical issue, and we hereby request the understanding and patience of users during such times. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any of the following losses or damage (whether such losses were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise): (a) loss of data; (b) loss of online card selection and/or position; © loss of position in competition/tournament/division/other; (d) loss of prizewinning position or potential to win a prize (e) loss of opportunity; (f) loss of revenue or anticipated profits or of anticipated savings or reward; (g) loss of business; (h) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (i) losses suffered by third parties; or (j) any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of our website(s)/network regardless of the form of action. You are advised that Content may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. 

Futera can not be held responsible for tournament or online game results due to strength or loss of a Team's internet connection causing intrruption to  their activity. 

TERMS RELATING TO PURCHASES - please refer to the individual Product Description and terms prior to making your purchase so that you understand the shipping schedule and terms relating to that particular product which may differ from other products you may have purchased previously.


General terms including Delivery of Products, Paypal transactions, Charges and Postal/Courier Services

Products/offers are available while stocks last and household/market allocations may apply. For customers who have placed an order request through the Online Shop system, if the product has been sold out by the time your order details have been received by Futera from Paypal, the Paypal payment would be reimbursed within 3 working days. On occasion if multiple orders are received simultaneously through the Paypal system. the Paypal transaction may not update the shop inventory 'real time' and in the event of transactions which have been made by a customer following that  product's inventory sell-out, Futera will email you to advise that this has occurred and would arrange a refund.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you enter full and accurate details for your name and physical postal address when submitting an order either direct to Futera via email, or through the Online Shop facility (please check your Paypal account is registered to your full physical address when submitting and do not use a PO Box as some postal services/couriers will not make delivery to PO Box addresss. 

Futera shall endeavour to despatch properly ordered products within a reasonable amount of time and in line with the product's published scheduled shipping date (please check for updates). Please refer to the product description and associated terms prior to ordering. The time taken for delivery by third party services such as the postal system/couriers is outside our control and will vary according to international postal processes and the customer’s local postal services. Please allow 28 days from despatch of your order before becoming concerned; international shipping and clearance timings will vary.


No changes to the postal/delivery address you have provided can be made following your order submission. At this stage your package passes to the services of the Post Office or Courier systems handling the delivery of your package. In the event of non-receipt or package loss during transit, please contact the Post Office/Courier handling the package and such claim must be taken up by you directly using their claims procedure. Futera would provide you with the receipt details from the Postal service/Courier showing the date and time when responsibility for your package passed to their services and which shows the date and time your order was completed by Futera.  Orders can not be returned to Futera in the event of a change of mind about an order for any reason following its despatch. Please note that the Postal Services will normally require a period of 30 days to have expired from date of posting before they will commence your investigation. In the first instance, please contact your local Post Office/Regional Sorting Depot to check if they are holding your order. International delivery times will depend on your own country’s postal services and are outside our control. Please note that deliveries to some countries appear to take longer due to their transit routes and/or handling/customs procedures which include USA, Australia, Germany, Russia.

f you are expecting delivery of an order please check with your local Post Office in case they are holding it for you – your Post Offices may try to deliver when you are not at home and we can not be responsible if your Post office returns the package to us. If your order is returned for whatever reason, we will be pleased to arrange for its re-processing, packaging and posting upon receipt of the Post Office re-delivery charge from you. If Futera have provided a subsidised courier, shipping or registered delivery service for your order, if the delivery is unable to be fulfilled by the service due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by you, you will be responsible for the re-delivery cost, and this payment will be required to be made to Futera or appointed service before a re-delivery is attempted (unless such service is provided free by the delivering service). In the event that such payment is not made upon request, your order may be held by, or returned to Futera by the delivering service until such time as payment for the re-delivery plus any associated charges incurred as a result of the inability for your order to be delivered and/or accepted is made.

COURIER DELIVERIES generally take between 3-6 working days from despatch but will be subject to the receiving country’s customs clearance/local delivery methods and timings, etc. over which Futera has no control.  Futera is not responsible for charges relating to duty/taxes payable by the receiver as appropriate to the practices of the receiving country. In the event of loss/damage during transit, you would submit a claim to the Delivery Services and Futera would provide the original receipt/despatch and  supportive paperwork as appropriate in order to support your investigation through the handling company concerned.


No responsibility for or additional costs relating to your order can be accepted by Futera following date of despatch including any duty/charges as appropriate to the receiving country which would be for the account of the receiver.  If you would like a quote for a special type of postal service or courier, or want to enquire if there are despatch options from countries outside Asia (eg Europe), please ask for a quote at the time of ordering and before your order is despatched -


f you have any questions concerning the order process and terms, before placing any order please contact us at:

Returns/Replacements/Refunds:  Futera’s liability for any product purchased through its website(s) is strictly limited to the purchase price value of that product. If the product is defective, Futera, at its discretion and upon its satisfaction following investigation into the cause of defect, may upon its discretion supply a replacement,  provide an alternative item deemed by Futera to be of a similar value, or otherwise propose a remedy to the situation.  Orders can not be returned to Futera in the event of a change of mind about an order for any reason following its despatch by Futera

Occasionally a card may be damaged during transportation which is a situation outside the control of Futera and where no claim may be made for such damage/replacement although we will consider requests on a case by case basis. In the event of an obvious card manufacturing fault please notify Futera who may at their discretion seek to obtain a replacement card or alternative as appropriate.

DISTRIBUTORS/DEALERS: Terms relating to your Purchase from us If you are a Distributor/Dealer please make sure that your customers understand about the packing ratios and terms. Please also advise them not to disclose their card codes (particularly if showing a photograph of their card back when trading online such as on eBay, etc.).


  • Dealers may not use their allocations for their own advantage. Bonus Cards/FuteraVcard/Tokens benefits are for Dealers to award and pass on to their customers with purchases as appropriate to the product.

  • Manager and Stadium FuteraVcards are ‘virtual cards’ and are not available in Packs.

  • Online Shop Offers, Facebook and other Offers through the Futera network are not associated with, and will not necessarily be the same as, card/FuteraVcard allocations and/or Offers available from other sources.

  • Futera Tokens hold no monetary value and can not be transferred or traded for cash.





Please be sure that you and your buyer fully complete any purchase/trading transaction together to your mutual satisfaction at the time of trade. Once you have arranged the de-registration of a uniquely coded Card/FuteraVcard, a period of 7 days must pass after the de-registration date before your Buyer can use that card/FuteraVcard. As the last person to have used and/or claimed ownership of the Card and/or Code, you as the Seller are responsible for keeping that code confidential, and ensuring that your Buyer has been able to register the card/code to complete your trade to the Buyer’s satisfaction. You may not trade a card/code that you are not the rightful owner of from commencement through to completion of your transaction with a buyer. If you inadvertently disclose a card or FuteraVcard unique code (either online or to a third party or otherwise) you must be aware that this could result in others abusing the use of that code and/or claiming it as their own. As such a situation would have arisen as a result of your own actions, Futera is not able to provide replacement codes in that event or become involved with claims from any of the parties involved. Please be very careful to keep unique codes of all your cards and FuteraVcards confidential at all times and particularly before, during and after a trade as the consequences of any unfair practices along the trading chain may affect you.

NOTICE TO BUYERS: Please be sure that you and the seller fully complete any trading transaction together to your mutual satisfaction at the time of your trade. Once the Seller has arranged the de-registration of the card/FuteraVcard, a period of 7 days must pass before you can register and use that card/FuteraVcard. As the last person to have used and/or claimed ownership of the card/code, the Seller is responsible for keeping that code confidential, and ensuring that you as the Buyer have been able to register the card/code to complete your trade. As the Buyer, it is your responsibility to check that you are satisfied with the transaction at the time it is made, and to keep unique codes of all your cards/FuteraVcards confidential at all times before, during and after a trade as the consequences of any unfair practices along the trading chain may affect you. Claims can not be sent to Futera for codes which do not work, or which have not been passed to you by your Seller, or are already registered. Claims can not be sent to Futera for cards which have been provided to you by the Seller damaged or where the Seller has accepted your payment but has not fulfilled their transaction. You must refer ALL enquiries about your transaction to the Seller involved. In the event of your Seller not settling your grievance to your satisfaction, you should refer the situation to Paypal or the service through which you conducted the Trade. Futera is unable to respond to emails concerning secondary market trades.

SELLERS & BUYERS: In the event of any problem arising with a card, FuteraVcard or code during or after trades at any stage, Sellers and Buyers must communicate together to solve the issue between themselves. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do no contact Futera as we are unable to become involved with private transactions which have taken place through the secondary market at any time.

Our website(s) may contain links to other internet web sites. We have neither power nor control over any such website. You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable in any way for the content of any such linked web site, nor for any loss or damage arising from your use of any such website.  We advise that buyers do not pre-sell products on the secondary market prior to having the card(s) in their possession.

REDEMPTIONS: Redemptions are valid for 1 calendar year from the date of a Collection's release. However we try to help collectors where we can and if the original card relating to a Redemption card that you possess and which has not previously been redeemed is in archive, we will be pleased to assist in sourcing it for you.

FUTERA FC:  Futera Seeker FC games are normally only streamed live (video/audio broadcast) when it is a Home Game due to the technical requirements which may not be possible from an away game environment.Futera FC/Futera Seeker FC: We make every effort to provide the VIRTUAL MANAGER LIVE interactive service to our customers, but interruption to or loss of this service and other associated services may occur due to reasons outside our control such as broadcasting issues or loss of internet connection or transmission power and for which Futera can not be held responsible.Futera FC/Futera Seeker FC games may be cancelled with little or no notice due to poor weather conditions and/or pitch condition and League/Team anomalies and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by such circumstances which may prevent transmission of a game.

eFUTERA and other network facilities

You agree to indemnify us against any claims, demands, actions, costs, proceedings, expenses, loss or damage, including reasonable lawyers’ fees by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Services, the breach or violation of this Agreement by you, or the infringement by you, or by any other User using your computer, of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity.

Futera shall not be liable for any action taken by you as a result of your relying on any information provided through the Futera network, website(s) or third party websites or for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of you taking such action.

The User guarantees the authenticity and validity of item(s) they present via the eFutera platform and are responsible for the proper representation of their item(s) when using the Futera network. Futera can not be responsible for any misrepresentation of any item described and/or listed and/or traded through the eFutera facility. Buyers must ensure that they have sufficient Tokens or funds or card items to fulfill any trade they enter into and Futera will not be involved with communications arising between Buyer and Seller in relation to any problems arising with any transaction.

Sellers and Buyers can use the TRADE FORM to agree a Trade, and follow up by exchanging emails and Paypal details to complete a trade between themselves. Trades of printed cards between Buyer and Seller are by private arrangement which is outside the eFutera platform and where Futera can not accept any responsibility for such trades. We advise sellers not to pre-sell cards unless/until they have the card in their possession.  

TRADING OF VIRTUAL CARDS - (If showing a photograph to trade your card, remember to hide the code. Keep your card code private.)
Virtual Cards can be traded instantly between users. There are different ways to trade cards: ☆ Tokens ☆ Cards ☆ Paypal (not available currently). Buyers and Sellers agree between themselves on the type of trade and the trade settlement value, and on both parties agreeing to proceed, the Tokens or Card(s) offered as appropriate to the trade are removed from the Buyer’s account and transferred to the Seller’s account simultaneously with the transfer of the purchased card(s) from the Seller’s account to the Buyer’s account.

Our services are available to and may only be used by individuals who are eligible to do so under the Law applicable to their country of residence and the Company makes no representations whatsoever as to the legality of the Services in your jurisdiction. Futera shall not be responsible for any unauthorized use by minors of its services in any way or manner. The Company is free to use any idea, concept, or technique or information contained in your communications for any purpose including, but not limited to, developing and marketing products. The Company monitors your communications to evaluate the quality of service you receive, your compliance with our Terms of Use, the security of the website, or for other reasons. You agree that such monitoring activities will not entitle you to any cause of action or other right with respect to the manner in which the Company monitors your communications.

  • Users of the eFutera platform are required to register and/or trade on their own behalf and understand that there will be no involvement from Futera in the giving of advice nor will Futera have any association or involvement with any trade and that the User accepts full responsibility for their own trade(s) with other users of the Futera network.

  • Users should keep their card code(s) confidential and not disclose their code(s) to any other User either through description or photograph prior to completion of trade satisfactory to both parties.

  • The Company will not be held responsible in the event of an unauthorized access from third persons to information including, but not limited to, electronic addresses and/or personal data, through the exchange of these data between Users and/or any other party using the Futera network or electronic means available.

  • The Company is not responsible for any power cuts, server or internet connection anomalies, or other failures that prevent the use of the system and/or the Card Trading platform and Futera cannot be responsible for not fulfilling any obligations under this Agreement because of such network connection or failures.

  • The Company shall have no liability for any potential damage the Client may suffer as a result of transmission errors, technical faults, malfunctions, illegal intervention in network equipment, network overloads, viruses, system errors, delays in trade execution, malicious blocking of access by third parties, internet malfunctions, interruptions or other deficiencies on the part of internet service providers.


  • The User acknowledges that access to electronic systems / trading platforms may be limited or unavailable due to such system errors.


  • The User agrees to indemnify the Company fully in respect to all costs and losses whatsoever as may be incurred by the Company as a result, direct or indirect, of the User’s failure to perform or settle a transaction through eFutera or any other facility on the Futera network.


  • The Company has the right, unilaterally and with immediate effect, to suspend or withdraw permanently the User’s ability to use any service of part of the Futera network, without notice, where the Company consider it necessary or advisable to do so, for example due to Client’s non-compliance with Futera’s Terms of Use.


  • The Company uses its reasonable endeavours to support the operational facility available for a User transaction relating to the automated transfer of tokens and/or card(s) promptly, but the Company does not represent or warrant that it will be possible to execute such action in the event of any material or operational difficulty.

  • No communications will be entered into in relation to disputes between Buyers and Sellers using the eFutera facility. It shall be noted that the Company and any entity related to the Company, will support transactions in good faith and shall not be held liable for any omission, deliberate omission, misrepresentation or fraud by any User and/or for any User listing on the eFutera facility.

  • The Company will not be held liable for any lost opportunities by the User that have resulted in either losses or reduction (or increase) in the value of any item listed on eFutera. In case the Company incurs any claims, losses, damage, liability or expenses that arise throughout the provision of its services and all related operations that are performed as a means for these Services to be performed the User is fully liable for these losses/expenses/liabilities/claims whereas the Company bears no responsibility and it is therefore the User’s responsibility to indemnify the Company for the aforementioned.


The following are strictly forbidden and risk immediate Account and IP Ban:-

a) Attempting to gain unauthorised access to restricted areas of the Game server.
b) Attempting to gain unauthorised access to another player’s account, personal details, account details.
c) Using this Game as a means of conducting unlawful activities including crimes such as hacking, phishing, using keyloggers, scamming.
d) Attempting to Interfere with the accounts of others or with the system itself.
e) Sharing your game account with another individual; this is the case for the lifetime of the account, it does not matter if the account is not currently in use by its owner.
f) Using the facilities for commercial gain. 
g) Gaining unauthorised access to or violating the privacy of other people’s data. 
h) Attempting to corrupt or destroy either the Game or other players’ data or accounts.
i)Exploiting any bugs in the game or website to gain an advantage or put others at a disadvantage
j) Creating and/or transmitting material likely to cause anxiety, annoyance or offence to Futera and/or other users. 
k) Creating or threatening to create and/or to transmit material that is defamatory, untrue, personal speculation of a negative nature, gossip or rumour. 
l) Any threatening, abusive or other communication causing anxiety to Futera or any of its staff on any matter whatsoever, and/or which contains threat to disrupt or have an adverse effect on Futera services or their reputation, may result in the author’s account being suspended and being prohibited to utilise the facilities of the Futera network ongoing.
m) Creating and/or transmitting negative comments which could have an adverse affect on other players’ confidence or enjoyment of World Football Online and/or other Futera services.
n) Unnecessarily monopolising the Forum or other areas of the Futera network with personal views or comments, or other content of a non-helpful nature
o) Threats to publish or make defamatory remarks about Futera, the brand of its nework. Note: Defamation is a statement that gives a negative impression of a person, company, group, product, government, or country.


NOTE 1) Please remember that the Futera network, including the Forum, chat facility, PM facility, etc. are for the use and enjoyment of everyone and are not to be used for personal grievances and/or negative comments about or to other Users. In the event of posts being applied to our Network which are deemed of an unacceptable nature due to foul language or content or negative remarks against other users of the Network, these will be removed and the individual’s account/access may be suspended or banned without notice. Please address any personal issues regarding cards, the game, or other matters concerning Futera products or services directly to:

NOTE 2) Our programmers together with security alert systems are able to detect attempts at unauthorised access and can also trace communications back to their source. Please observe our terms & conditions for fair play and respect to others.

Announcements of Prizewinners, the sending of physical or digital cards and/or other Futera products, awards, prizes/offers/other can involve various departments and several processing procedures and it can take some time for results to be published and/or items to be despatched. On occasion, awards/prizes are held pending checks into tournaments prior to releasing prizewinner information and/or despatching prizes. We thank you for your patience.