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Since its inception in 1989, Futera has been a pioneer in the trading card industry. Producing quality collections across a variety of sports and non-sports, the brand has become synonymous with high standards and innovative design. 


Futera has a 29 year heritage in football. From the early 1990s, Futera produced a range of
licensed football merchandise for multiple Football Clubs from the English Premier League such as
Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea… which included trading cards, stickers, albums, phonecards as well as creating hybrid licensed collectible card products through collaborations with iconic brands such as Chupa Chups and The Franklin Mint.


Over the past two decades, Futera has honed its focus on premium level Limited Edition trading cards, featuring autographs, game-used memorabilia, and cards crafted with quality materials and special finishing processes. Our commitment to quality has earned us a loyal following across Asia, Europe, and the USA. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of what trading cards can be, offering unique and limited edition collections to fans and collectors around the world.

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