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From the Pitch to the Screen: Vinnie Jones signs his Futera Cards!

Vinnie Jones Futera

Rarely do you have the opportunity to sit down with a Hollywood actor and a football legend simultaneously.

Vinnie Jones, however, ticks both boxes.

Known as a Premier League cult hero and the star of films such as X-Men, Snatch, and Gone In 60 Seconds, Vinnie's versatile career is as impressive as it is captivating.

On the football pitch, Vinnie was renowned for his aggressive and direct style of play, but he was more than just a tough tackler. Having played for clubs like Chelsea, Leeds and Wimbledon, the midfielder from Watford amassed an impressive 184 games in the Premier League.

Despite being eligible to represent England and Scotland, it was Wales that Vinnie proudly played for on the international stage.

Reflecting on his career while autographing his Futera cards at his home in West Sussex, our Futera cards brought back good memories for Vinnie, and it was evident that he feels immense pride having played for the Welsh national team.

One of the highlights of Vinnie's career was when his Wimbledon team, affectionately known as 'The Crazy Gang,' faced the formidable Liverpool at Wembley in 1988.

Liverpool boasted elite players such as John Barnes, Alan Hansen, and Peter Beardsley, making Wimbledon the underdogs.

However, after just 37 minutes, Wimbledon took the lead and went on to secure a historic victory, etching their names into the annals of English football history.

Following his illustrious playing career, Vinnie seamlessly transitioned into the world of film, sharing the screen with acting legends like Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage.

Today, he divides his time between the United States and the United Kingdom, enjoying the fruits of his multifaceted success. Stay tuned for more information on how you can obtain one of Vinnie's autograph cards.

At Futera, we understand your desire to have as much information on your autograph cards as possible, which is why each card specifies the date and location it was signed by the player.

Rest assured, we don’t use stickers! The Futera cards in your collection will have been personally held by the footballer depicted on the front.

Keep an eye on our channels for more details on when you’ll be able to hunt for these cards in packs of Futera UNIQUE.


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