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New Podcast: Master the Art of Box Breaking!

In this audio-only edition of Soccer Cards and Chill, a podcast produced by Futera that is dedicated to the beautiful hobby of collecting, we dive into the insights shared by one of the UK's leading Breakers, Adam Whittaker of Yorkshire Collector.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or considering venturing into the exciting realm of box breaking, bookmark this episode for a blueprint to success! 

Whether you're a budding breaker or a seasoned collector looking to elevate your game.

Explore Adam's inspiring journey from a card enthusiast to a professional box breaker, gaining over 11k followers on Whatnot in just twelve months and selling over 35k items in the process! 

Here’s what you’ll learn from listening to the podcast. 

Essential Equipment and Setup for Newcomers:

Learn the basics of starting your own box breaking channel, from minimal equipment requirements (mobile phone and a lightbulb) to the essential investments for progression.

Choosing Platforms Wisely:

Understand the significance of platforms like OBS and Whatnot, and explore emerging live shopping e-commerce platforms such as TikTok Live. 

Strategies for Engaging Your Audience:

Uncover the secrets behind Adam's successful engagement strategies, from providing detailed views of the products to building a genuine connection with the audience.

Key Factors in Determining Card Value:

Delve into the world of numbered cards, on-card autos, and memo cards – crucial elements in evaluating the potential value of cards, with a special focus on Futera cards.

Ensuring Cards Reach the Right Buyers:

Master the art of efficient card collation and shipment, with practical tips on using sleeves, sticky labels, pens, and the importance of a reliable printer.

Overcoming Challenges in Box Breaking Operations:

Navigate the challenges of accessing the right products at the start of your box breaking venture, with insights on networking and building relationships with providers.

The Future of Football Card Box Breaking:

Peek into the future of live shopping and e-commerce, exploring emerging trends, technologies like AI and VR headsets, and the potential of different social platforms.

Social Media's Role in Promoting Your Venture:

Learn how to effectively use social media to promote and grow your box breaking channel, tailoring your approach to where the attention of card collectors resides.

Plus more. 

This is an opportunity to absorb valuable advice from a successful box breaker, including the importance of not rushing, creating engaging content, prioritising customer service, initiating word of mouth, and ensuring access to quality products.

This content serves as a comprehensive blueprint for your box breaking journey. 

For those eager to listen to the full discussion, the Soccer Cards and Chill podcast is available on popular hosting sites such as Spotify and Apple Music. 

Simply search for "Soccer Cards and Chill" to tune in and glean valuable insights.


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