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FUTERA|ONYX UNIQUE Baseball 2019 Prospects & Legends Collection has been created through a collaboration between Futera and American Sports Card Publisher Onyx Authenticated.

Futera and Onyx have combined their strengths to produce a high-end Limited Edition card collection of only 75 cases. This collection delivers game-used Memorabilia, on-card Autographs, 24ct gold plated framed inserts and '1 of 1' cards.

A free APP download provides collectors with free information about their cards' rarity and features such as Memorabilia Colour Grading and Code for Collectors together with an online Price Guide and portfolio management platform powered by

Each Display Box contains 4 packs. Every pack includes a player-signed card from any of the following types: an on-card Autograph, or a COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia, or a 24ct gold plated framed on-card Autograph or Combo Autograph with Memorabilia card, or a '1 of 1' 24ct gold plated framed card featuring either an Autograph, Combo Autograph with Memorabilia, or a Cut Autograph. Note: A '1 of 1' card is the most rare card category with only one of its particular specification for the featured player existing worldwide.

Cut Autograph inserts feature Baseball greats such as Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter and more.

Each Display Box also includes a rare HERITAGE card of either Gold foiled Edition (# to 9) or Silver foiled Edition (# to 17).

Every MINICASE includes at least 2 x rare 24ct gold plated framed inserts.

RARITY: The number of cards created for any Set in this Collection is kept small, ranging from the most rare '1 of 1's through to a maximum of 21 cards created for the featured players. Cards average 2mm thickness.

Insert cards are individually foil-numbered and have a unique security/data code. The rarity of a card supports its value in the secondary market, and Futera's World Football UNIQUE releases have provided card collectors with the best ROI (return on investment) from any Publisher of soccer cards over the past years. Source:

QUALITY: Great care and effort goes into a UNIQUE Collection from the initial Checklist planning, design elements and style, player biographies, the sourcing of images, creating the unique security/data codes, individually photographing and cataloguing every insert card, through to analysing and programming every card's data to create Futera's online Collectors' Information services which launch shortly following release date.

BASE SET and HERITAGE LIMITED EDITIONS: The Collection comprises a mix of exciting Baseball prospects such as Wander Franco, Bobby Witt Jr., Gavin Lux... and Legends including Ichiro Suzuki, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan.... All Prospects and Legends players feature in the 40 card Base set and the HERITAGE Limited Edition Sets.

On-Card Signed Autographs: Futera Autograph cards inform collectors about the date and location of when and where the player signed their cards - this is stated on the card backs. Autograph Sets span Tribute, Lineup, Glory, Legends, Prospects, Triumph, Prominent and Timeless. Each autograph was signed on-card by the featured player.

Some examples of Autograph Sets:

COMBO Autograph/Game-used Memorabilia Cards: These cards feature both a player's signature and their game-used memorabilia on the same card. These cards are very rare as the Collection's Memorabilia sets are limited to only 7, 9 and 12 cards per player. These sets are Legacy, Masters and GameGear, and feature notable players such as Ichiro Suzuki and Ronaldo Hernandez.

24ct. Gold plated framed Autograph Cards: Futera has a long-established reputation for its 24ct gold plated Cards. The Baseball UNIQUE 2019 Collection features MYTHICALS (Legends) and PHENOMS (Prospects) limited to only '9' cards created of each player, and which have a gold plated frame both on the front and back of the card.

'MEMOSTARS' Combo Autograph/Game-Used Memorabilia Cards presents a second style of 24ct gold plated framed Cards featuring both the player's autograph and his game-worn memorabilia on the same card. This Set spans 11 different player cards, each limited to just 10 cards created for each player. The cards feature 2 areas of player memorabilia, with the player signature in the middle of the card - this Set is easily one of the fan favourites to collect.

'1 of 1' Cards: the most rare and therefore the most potentially valuable cards of the Collection. Only one of each player card type exists worldwide. Individually crafted, these 24ct gold plated framed ‘1 of 1’ cards are presented as on-card Autographs, ‘1 of 1’ COMBO Autograph/ Memorabilia cards, and ‘1 of 1’ Cut Autographs from a selection of prospects and legends. These sought-after cards feature classic stars such as Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter, Cy Young and more.

Futera App - Card Information for Collectors: Every Memorabilia card is individually photographed front and back, and its data uploaded to Futera’s ‘Code for Collectors’ and ‘Memorabilia Colour Grading Service’ where collectors can check the rarity and features of their cards. These free services can provide useful information such as advising if any cards were short-printed which could make them more rare than the published ratio. These services can be found on the Futera website, or accessed through the Futera App.

Services include ‘Code for Collectors’ which provides details about the card’s crafting, materials used, the card’s features and rarity.

‘Memorabilia Colour Grading' displays bar charts plotting the rarity of a memorabilia card based on its colours and colour combinations.

Card & Portfolio Values are drawn from actual card sales occurring in the secondary market, and provide graphs showing a card’s trading history and analytics from date of release.

A News/Info section includes footage from ‘behind the scenes’ of the making of the Collection.

A ‘Buy Now’ facility allows collectors to buy cards while on the move.

CARD VALUES & PORTFOLIO PLATFORM: As a Publisher, Futera isn’t involved with single card sales or values as our Collections are security sealed and shipped direct from production to trade/distribution in the different markets.

Values of cards traded in the secondary market are really up to what a collector is willing to pay for a particular card. However, Price Guides can be helpful to collectors, and Futera World Football UNIQUE collections have provided the best box-break return on investment (ROI) from all soccer card Publishers over the past years. is the world’s No.1 ranked source for soccer/football cards and provides useful data and values of cards from actual sales of cards from a number of sports and across many Publishers including Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf, Futera, etc. in the secondary market (i.e. these are factual completed sales, not estimates). To get information about your sports cards' trades, secondary market history and trends, visit

BEHIND THE SCENES (VIDEO): Check out footage from the creation of the Baseball 2019 Prospects & Legends Collection - click on the video below:-

Sales Sheet:

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Online Shop:


We hope you enjoy the new Collection from Futera|Onyx!



Enquiries: please contact us at

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