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New Podcast: Building Europe’s Biggest Trading Card Show

Futera’s Podcast, Soccer Cards and Chill, is back, and our first guest is none other than Harry Reynolds, the founder of the London Card Show!

In this episode, Harry takes us on a journey through his card collecting passion, revealing how he got started and the incredible story behind the success of the London Card Show.

It's a conversation filled with anecdotes and the kind of behind-the-scenes stories that every card enthusiast will appreciate, so if you’re looking to build your own card show, Harry provides some invaluable insight.

What's in the show?

🌟 Harry unravels the inspiration behind creating The London Card Show and the tremendous effort it takes to organize such a stellar event.

🏦 Harry's incredible transition from the world of finance to becoming a trading card guru. Learn how he spotted a market gap and turned his vision into a European sensation.

💡 Uncover the surprising obstacles Harry faced in building the show and the innovative solutions that paved the way for its massive success.

🔮 Get a sneak peek into the future of The London Card Show, with exciting plans and expansions on the horizon.

💬 Harry shares priceless advice for aspiring event organisers, drawing from his vast experience with The London Card Show. Click on the image above to watch now!


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