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Want to know more about NFTs?

The Soccer Cards & Chill podcast from Futera is back!

If you've never listened, we produce a podcast dedicated to the beautiful game and the Soccer Card hobby and other collectibles. It features some of the biggest influencers from within our space, and it's loads of fun!

If you LOVE Soccer Cards and other collectibles you'll enjoy listening to Adam Partington, our Head of Marketing, chatting to some of the most passionate people in the hobby and providing insight on what life is like behind the scenes here at Futera.

In this episode, Adam Partington is joined by Enzo from Soccer Cards United. Enzo explains what NFTs are, how and why they work, and why people are excited about them!

The pair also debate what makes a good 'project' and the synergies between NFTs and card collecting! For those of you who may not know Enzo, he forms one half of the Soccer Card United podcast which is a great listen. We highly recommend it (after you've listened to ours!).

You can get hold of the pod via most podcast providers or you can watch the show on YouTube.

Give us a like, share and ensure you subscribe if you haven't. And leave us a comment if you have anything to share! As always, the views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect those of Futera. Content provided by our bloggers or authors is based on their personal opinions and/or experience and is not endorsed or intended to be critical of any ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or other.


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