Some handy Information on Shipping 🚢

UPDATE: 14/04/21 We've been checking with the Postal Services as some packages seem to have arrived for weeks sent later than packages sent for earlier weeks, and also some packages sent together have been arriving at different times.

Their feedback is that they have no control themselves over the freight routes, connections, processing times or delays so unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything we can do before handing your package to the postal service that can help with delivery timings in the receiving country, things just aren't what we'd think of as being normal in these times.


FAQ Ordering & Shipping

* Place your order

* Between 14-21 days following a Week's drop, we aim to administer and register, process and pack your order, and get it on its way to you. Occasionally if there are delivery delays in getting some cards to us, or if there are any QC issues that could knock on to when we can get them out to you, we'll keep you posted through our announcements.

* From when your order is ready, the national Post Office take over (we do not get any information from them after we pass your package to their service)

* Normally within 24-48 hours of passing your package to the Post Office service we will email you with your package registered number + a link which you can use to go online to the Post Office tracking system.

* The Post Office online screen normally only shows the date the package has left the country of despatch and when it has gone out for delivery in your own country (or when it has been delivered). Because of COVID affecting freight services worldwide, the Post Office will not advise expected delivery times nor will they show many updates on their tracking screen before delivery.However from our experience, delivery to most countries takes between 10-15 days, some countries' handling processes may add a few days to this (e.g. USA, Australia, Russia).

We hope this helps!


If you're looking for more detail about deliveries/shipping, most topics would be covered in the product terms from the online shop at

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