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Soccer Cards & Chill - A new podcast from Futera

This month, we decided to launch a podcast dedicated to Soccer Cards. There's a wealth of content now being created for collectors out there, but we wanted to offer a Publisher's perspective. After all, it's not often that collectors get to hear the thinking behind a certain card or set, so Soccer Cards and Chill aims to bring something a little different to this space.

Hosted by Futera's Creative Director, Mark Watson and myself, Adam Partington, Head of Marketing, episodes of Soccer Cards and Chill will be released frequently and will feature interviews with well-known collectors, influencers and interesting figures from within the Sports Card world. In the first episode, Mark and I spoke about the current Sports Card boom and what life is like working in the industry. We also had a chat about how we believe it's harder to identify rookies in soccer than it is in other sports. In the next episode, to be released in the coming days, I talk to Jamie Salt, a well known Sports card collector in the UK who has been involved in the hobby for over a decade. Jamie gives some fascinating insight into what he believes are big opportunities for collectors in the coming months and years. Soccer Cards and Chill can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and most other prominent podcast providers. Subscribe on whichever platform you use and be sure to never miss an epsiode!

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