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Futera Selecta: July 2021 Results

As you'll know, we only produce a very small number of certain extra-special Futera cards and many sell out quickly...

Because of this, we're keen to do what we can to try and ensure everybody who collects gets a fair chance at purchasing the cards that they want.

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen Futera Selecta - it's an opportunity to potentially buy limited cards from us. If you put your name down for a specific card, your entry form will go into the Selecta.

Selecta will randomly draw an entry from all the entries submitted via an automated system on Twitch. The holder of the entry form drawn by Selecta will then be sent an email/invoice to purchase the card (within 48 hours).

Here's a list of recent winners, these people will now be able to purchase the following cards. We will contact everyone listed below directly.

Tuesday 13th July at 11:30am BST

Victory Memorabilia cards:

'World Football' Edition - Santi Cazorla Victory Memorabilia card

Sam Khan

Marina Werner

Jatinder Singh

Dave Hughes

Jason Rotenberg

Anthony Covone

Haleema Khan

rob barnes

Sadek Ahmed

Daniel Harrison

'World Football' Edition - Angel Di Maria Memorabilia card

Anton Bradley

Robert David

Husnain Mohammad

Jacob Merrell

Adrian Skowie

Ralf Laban

Ilker Ugur

Cole Durant

Marivy Ortiz

Austin Kothary

'World Football' Edition - Fernandinho Victory Memorabilia card

Aaron Clarke

Rick Gardner

Peter Grimshaw

Reef Cole

Gary hanafin

Jake D’Olimpio

Daniel Ibaldi

Joe Blackie

Dave Knox

Edward Alvarez

Conqueror Memorabilia cards:

'World Football' Edition - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Conqueror Memorabilia card

Liam Parkin

Cody Johnson

Oliver Zhou

Anthony Pineda

jens malke

John Parkin

Harvey Medus

Anton Zakharchuk

Jason Rotenberg

Jeff Novell

'World Football' Edition - Ederson Conqueror Memorabilia card

Eugene Tan

Eamonn Scott

Joel Castelino

Justin Kramer

Boris Martinez

Elias Fairhurst

Mohamed Rasuul

Liam Moss

Shane Edwards

Maria Pacheco

'World Football' Edition - Jordan Henderson Conqueror Memorabilia card

Elias Fairhurst

Sabit Khan

David Delcampo

Marc McBride

Jason Holmes

Cameron Davis

Kyle Farrar

Oliver Zhou

Anthony Covone

Alexandra Bower

Masters Memorabilia cards:

'World Football' Edition - Sergio Aguero Masters Memorabilia card

Simon Adams

Nguyen Dinh Chi Hieu

David Delcampo

Lluís Batet Ballesteros

Anthony Pineda

Dave Hughes

Amna Khan

Husnain Mohammad

Ralf Laban

William Paese

'World Football' Edition - Serge Gnabry Masters Memorabilia card

Josh Henthorn

Callum Mernock

Aaron Clarke

Toby Bullock

Robert David

Alexander Perrizo

Jonathan Barrie

Tristan Toh

John Rooney

Humza Tariq

'World Football' Edition - Gareth Bale Masters Memorabilia card

Jacob Diesel

Gateth Tomlinson

Dyfed Williams

James H

Liam Davey

Daniyal Motan

Christoph Gregor

Kamran Arasteh

Mohammed Subhani

Li Jiale


Wednesday 14th July 2021

Future Memorabilia cards:

'World Football' Edition - Kylian Mbappe Future Memorabilia card (7)

Charlie Brankin

Imran Ali


Saralyn Skow

Robert David

Rick Gardner

Aiden Robson

'World Football' Edition - Christian Pulisic Future Memorabilia card (7)

John Parkin

Mohamed Rasuul

Peter German

Husnain Mohammad

Kasper Maes

Edward Odio

Kyle Grazier

Legend Memorabilia cards:

'World Football' Edition - Gianluigi Buffon Legend Memorabilia card (7)

Thomas Chapman


Nick Cassidy

Jake D’Olimpio

Luke Barrett

Michael Katsoulakos

David Bevan

'World Football' Edition - Eric Cantona Legend Memorabilia card (9)

Aaron Clarke

Humza Tariq

Nick Cassidy

Wee Keong Nah

Tom Lucas

Jose Estrada

Matt Toolin

Shane Appleby

Christoph Gregor

'World Football' Edition - Dider Drogba Legend Memorabilia card (8)

Matthew Harootunian

Ashley Woods

cameron davis

William Thomas

Oliver Bacon

Sean O'Reilly

Shehzad Hassam

Christoffer Byberg

Eamonn Scott

Versus Memorabilia cards:

'World Football' Edition - Sergio Aguero & Luis Suarez Versus Memorabilia card (10)

Dino Boric

Brian Chu

Keiran Cockerill

Brian Vivo

Jake Shields

Andrew Polk

Aitor Mediavilla

Amy Crowe


Harish Parsa

'World Football' Edition - Dani Alves & Hector Bellerin Versus Memorabilia card (10)

Ciao Sandhu

Harvinder Deiol

Sean O'Reilly

Marc Wittenbecher

David Goldberg

Adam Haaland

David Panopoulos

Matt Toolin

Teerapat Siritantikorn

Victor Torre

Brody Golueke

'World Football' Edition - Gareth Bale & Neymar Versus Memorabilia card (10)

Ciprian Rochis

Finlay Woods

steven puntillo

Jack Jordan

Dino Tiric

Andrew Davies-shiels

Marcus Epling

Andrew Polk

Justin Kramer

Will Bailham


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