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Everything you need to know about Futera United FC: The Journey and The Destination

Our Futera United FC project is live and we’re heading straight for the top.

We’re ready to take our new NFT project to the moon. But, on the way, we’re aiming to add a host of Asian Football League honours to our brand new trophy cabinet.

In this blog we’ll give you a brief introduction to Futera United FC and map out our route to success on and off the pitch. But we’ll also chat a little more about this upcoming NFT project, the NFT system in general and briefly run through how to buy an NFT.

First things first, what is Futera United? For those who don’t know, we’ll give you a super-quick introduction to who we are.

Futera United FC is the world’s first NFT-community-lead football team from Futera. Within our NFT project we’re aiming to synergise the physical and digital worlds by offering holders the chance to run a real-world football club competing in the Asian Football league.

However, the perks to owning a Futera United NFT don’t start and end there.

In addition to getting the chance to help manage the football club, you’ll also own a genuine ‘one of one’ piece of digital art. As the project moves forward, your NFT will also go on to have a life of its own in the Metaverse. Plus, you’ll gain access to some pretty amazing community perks like competitions, giveaways, merch, and prize draws.

Check out our very own Adam and Gwyneth talking to the good folks at NFT Culture about the project and answering the big question: What are Futera NFTs?

However, our ultimate goal is to build a successful, healthy football club we can all be proud of and scale that into a professional outfit. But, before we go into our plans for Asian footballing world domination, how about we tell you a little more about our initial roadmap to build a viable club?

The Futera United FC roadmap

Now, it may seem like a bold statement to say we want to build a competitive football club with a view to eventually “go pro”. But you’ve got to aim high, right?

The Futera United Roadmap has so far centred around how the team and club will evolve from its NFT-shaped chrysalis.

So far in this NFT project we’ve announced that holders will be able to check in and have their say on watershed moments for the club. The voting on big moments shows in our thriving Discord channel. Nominations are added via a platform called SnapShot, which owners sign into through their Futera NFT. They have their say and we chat about it on Discord, just like one big club/board/management meeting. Exciting, right?

From famous fan reveals and club memorabilia drops through to huge decisions like the club logo, colours, transfer targets, triallist signings, club captains and managers. We’ll settle it all in this simple, democratic way.

However, somewhat counterintuitively, once that roadmap is completed, the real journey begins. Because that’s when we’ll start the actual footballing journey.

What do we have now?

As we’ve said in the past, with this project we wanted to start our own football club as opposed to buying out an existing one. So, before our NFT distribution or that roadmap even got off the ground, we were busy checking out viable homes for our club in Bangkok.

Now, we’re delighted to say we have a glistening new home in the city with unbelievable facilities. But we’ll let our man on the ground, Mark, tell you more about that.

So, in the quiet words of Drake “we’ve started from the bottom now we’re here”. But where exactly is ‘here’?

Of course, starting a club from scratch does give us (or, more accurately, you) an amazing amount of freedom when it comes to the running and future of the club. It also means we’re going to have to start our footballing journey where every other new side starts in Thailand, the Thailand Amateur League or TA.

Just to hit pause for a moment, though, let’s unpack that “starting from the bottom” mentality.

How will we get things done?

So, now you know what we want to do, how the voting system will work, and what we believe success will look like. But we should probably talk a bit more about just how much of a say the community will have on the general running of the team.

We will have coaches and a manager on the ground working with the team everyday. These guys will put the lads through their paces and ensure they’re ready for every match day. It will be the community’s job to decide on things like formations, starting line-ups, and style of play.

However, this NFT project also allows the community to leave certain decisions to those on the ground. For example, they could decide to leave decisions such as substitutes and in-game alterations to the management team. Essentially, it will all be down to how we all think the arrangement operates best.

Moving forward again then, for those who aren’t au fait with the rules of progression in Thai football. Let’s map out the task ahead of us, all the way up to what it would look like if we could potentially go on to win the Asian Champions League one day.

How to get on in Thai football

The Thai Football League framework is set out over a multi-tiered pyramid system. Traditionally, the structure runs from the national T1 (Thai League 1), down to the provincial T4 (Thai League 4) and amateur leagues below.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that T3 & T4 had to be banded together. So, the system now runs from T1 to T3.

So essentially, if we want to make it to the top of the Thai game we’ll have to work our way up from the regional levels. Much the same as, if we were in England, we’d have to work our way up from the regional leagues until we broke through to the National League.

The regionals

We’ll start our quest for T1 in the Thailand Amateur League. This league is split out over 12 regions:

  1. Northern Upper

  2. Northern Lower

  3. North Eastern Upper

  4. North Eastern Lower

  5. Eastern Upper

  6. Eastern Lower

  7. Western Upper

  8. Western Lower

  9. Bangkok Metropolitan

  10. Bangkok Perimeter

  11. Southern Upper

  12. Southern Lower

As we’ve laid our foundations in the capital, Futera United will be competing in either Bangkok Metropolitan (Region 9) or Bangkok Perimeter (Region 10).

From there, because of the COVID-induced league contraction, we’ll move up into the semi-pro, third tier of the game which is condensed to six regions.

However, we only need to concern ourselves with the Bangkok Metropolitan division. Cue a couple of tasty looking local derbies with the likes of Inter Bangkok, North Bangkok, and Bangkok FC.

Progress from here and we’ll be into the big leagues, T2 awaits.


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