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An introduction to some of today's popular soccer card content providers!

Here at Futera we strive to help collectors where we can and we appreciate the efforts of all those who take the time to create such valuable content in the soccer card space and encourage new collectors to the hobby.

As some of you will know, we produce a podcast called Soccer Cards & Chill where we speak to influencers, collectors, publishers and those contributing to the hobby, covering thoughts and useful information about cards, collections, the industry and everything else in-between.

This article will particularly help if you're new to soccer cards. By following and engaging with these individuals, you could get up to speed in no time!

Mitch LDN Cards

Based in London, Mitch has been a collector for the vast majority of his life. Starting with Merlin stickers and Futera cards back in the '90s, Mitch got into Pokemon in his early teens. After a hiatus, he returned to the hobby in his late 20s, collecting NFL and soccer cards. In the last 18 months, Mitch has spent more time than ever collecting soccer cards and he freely admits that he is "wildly in love with the sport and the community that surrounds it".

On his page(s), you'll find a mixture of community info, product reviews and content about his collections. Whatever segment of the hobby you're into, Mitch offers something of value for collectors new and old.

Check out LDN Cards on Instagram and Twitter to see what Mitch has been talking about recently.


The Football Stop is a UK-based football (soccer) card channel that covers everything from vintage to modern releases. After many years of playing, watching and collecting, Steve (the face of The Football Stop), likes to share information and opinions on the various soccer card collections available and inspires others to explore collecting and investing.

Those who follow The Football Stop can expect to see daily posts, regular videos and podcasts shared across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.


Niam is a sports card content creator based in London and host of the Purple Patch podcast. By his own admission, he adores cards but loves the business side of collecting even more. His content focuses on teaching people about how the sports card market works.

Niam is a vocal member of the community and he likes that he can guide collectors investing in soccer cards. He is particularly interested to see what impact the upcoming World Cup will have on the growth of the hobby.

Search for npsportscards1 on Instgram to find more from Niam's content.


CardHour is a channel about soccer and soccer cards made with one purpose; to educate collectors and investors that are new to the soccer card market who want to increase their knowledge to make better buying decisions.

Having a background in sports betting, the content focuses on the long-term aspect of investing, Vince also focuses on the collecting side.

Based in Belgium, Vince's content is perfect for both the seasoned collector and newbies.

You can find all the content on Instagram @cardhour, on YouTube @cardhour and on


USSoccerBreaks by GotBaseballCards is primarily a soccer breaking/buy/sell/trade community. Specialing in box breaks, Austin and his team provide an opportunity for collectors to get access to the cards they want.

Soccer/football cards is a passion. USSoccerBreaks believe the soccer card community is the best in the world. As Austin told us on the podcast recently, there is no other like it!

Head over to to find out more...


Investing In Soccer aims to be a one-stop-shop platform for Soccer Card enthusiasts. From entering soccer breaks, getting advice or showing off your collection, Investing in Soccer is the community for you.

As the founder, Aaron has 3 aims for his community.

1. Make soccer cards main stream in the UK 2. Connect like-minded people all over the world

3. Make investing/collecting in soccer cards more accessible.

You can find Investing in Soccer on Instagram and Facebook. No matter what your knowledge is, everyone is welcome.


Of course, there are many other people who are creating fantastic content for collectors across the world - the above just a small insight into just some of the content available from great people doing great things in the card space! If you'd like us to speak to any of these great content providers from the Soccer Cards & Chill podcast, please do email

Until next time.


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