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Welcome to Futera.

Welcome to our new website.

The revamp aims to bring you closer to the essence of Futera where our objective is to provide interesting and informative trading card collections to the Hobby, with support services and card information for collectors to enjoy an enhanced collecting experience.

'Code For Collectors’ and ‘Memorabilia Colour Grading’ are two free services which provide information about a card’s features and rarity, such as how many cards were actually released, how the cards were made, and photos/video of original memorabilia items. Enter the unique code from the back of your insert card at

Collectors can also get details about the card’s game-used jersey or the date and place a player signed his autograph card from the back of the card itself - all Futera autograph cards are signed on-card, with details of the signing stated on the card - so that collectors can share the information that we have as a Publisher.

As part of our digital offering, we’ll be publishing a Blog delving into our 29 year history dating back to 1989.

We pride ourselves on creating premium limited edition collections of quality, with Futera UNIQUE football card collections repeatedly commanding the highest box-break returns (

Whether you’re a Trading Card Hobby veteran or experiencing the magic for the first time, we look forward to sharing the journey from the past and into the future.

Gwyneth Glascodine

CEO, Futera

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