Following the success of their release in 2019, Futera and American Sports Publisher Onyx Authenticated have combined their strengths for a second time in the creation of a high-end Limited Edition Baseball collection.

Sets are ultra-rare, being numbered # to 10 or less, and only 70 cases have been created.

Featuring stars such as Jasson Dominguez, Gleyber Torres, Ronald Acuna, Wander Franco and Ichiro Suzuki, collectors can capture on-card Autographs, game-used memorabilia,  COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia cards, 24ct gold-plated framed cards and '1 of 1' on-card signatures and Cuts.

'1 of 1' Cuts include greats Derek Jeter, Joe DiMaggio, Satchel Paige, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax and more...

A free APP download provides collectors with useful information about their cards' rarity and features such as Memorabilia Colour Grading and Code for Collectors together with an online Price Guide and portfolio management platform powered by www.Priceguide.cards.

Each Display Box contains 4 packs. Every pack includes up to 5 quality Base Set cards plus an insert card from any of the following types:- an on-card Autograph, game-used Memorabilia card, COMBO Autograph & Memorabilia, or a 24ct gold plated framed card which could be either an Autograph, Memorabilia, COMBO Auto/Memorabilia, '1 of 1'  or Cut autograph.   Note: A '1 of 1' card is the rarest card category with only one of its kind created for the featured player.  Every third pack includes a rare Gold, Silver or Bronze Edition HERITAGE card. 

* All Autographs are signed on-card

* All Memorabilia is game-used.  

Details of when and where each player signed his cards, and when a player's memorabilia was game-used, are stated on card backs.

* Inserts average 2.5mm thickness, are individually foil-numbered and given a unique code. Enter the unique security/data code online to get information about the card's rarity & features such as "CODE FOR COLLECTORS" and "MEMORABILIA COLOUR GRADING".

Sets are ultra-rare, being numbered # to 10 or less. 

Release date: 2nd November 2020.


Sales Sheethttps://futeratools.com/documents/BASEBALL-UNIQUE-2020_SALES-SHEET.pdf


Online Shopwww.futera.com/shop

Enquiries: info@futera.com

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