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The low-down on our ‘Tribute’ card

Those of you who keenly await the release of new Futera UNIQUE-LIVE cards will be aware that we recently launched a new type of card named ‘Tribute’. The first player to feature was Arsenal’s magnificent youngster Bukayo Saka. This wasn’t accidental. Where better to start than by paying ‘tribute’ to Saka?

The English international has taken the Premier League by storm and Arsenal fans have fallen in love with him. With a density to the design, a quirky vintage font, a beautiful backdrop of the Emirates Stadium behind the player, and the Arsenal crest proudly displayed in the top right hand corner, the card pays homage to this superstar.

Inspiration for the card was drawn from a Baseball collection we’d been working on where we wanted to create a real vintage-style baseball card set harking back to Boston in the 1950s.

When I asked Mark Watson, our Creative Director, why his team has decided to create this card in the way they did, he echoed my thoughts…

“You rarely see Publishers in the trading card space bringing concepts from one sport over to another. It does happen, but not as much as collectors might like. Futera is best known for our soccer cards, but we also design and create cards for other sports - for example, we are commissioned by other Trading Card Publishers to design and create cards for their own collections which are for different sports. Given how quickly the ’Tribute’ card sold and the excitement we saw from collectors when it was released, the design cross-over appears to have been well-received."

Tribute is a limited edition release of cards # to 20 featuring a range of the featured Club's first team stars. Each Tribute card is individually foil-numbered # to 20, plus rare Parallels # to 10, # to 5 and # 1 of 1 are inserted into the release in line with their insert ratios.

This title has proved really popular with those who genuinely adore this hobby, and collectors can expect to see more ’Tribute’ cards in the future, and not just for Arsenal!

As always, you can ensure you never miss a ‘drop’ here at Futera. Head over to the homepage and if you haven’t already done so, you can submit your details on the form at the bottom of the site. By doing so, we can send you news about forthcoming releases ahead of time!

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