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Futera release first women's soccer card

Futera is pleased to announce the release of our first card dedicated to women's football!

As the world celebrated #internationalwomensday and highlighted the impact of women across all walks of life this week, we're pleased to release our first card featuring a female football superstar.

Vivianne Miedema is a Dutch international who plays as a forward for Arsenal. She's an incredible talent with an exceptional eye for goal.

We have always been committed to the women's game here at Futera. An example of this is the largest girls'/women's football stadium tournament in South East Asia hosted by Futera, open to teams from around the world!

Gwyneth Glascodine, CEO of Futera said, "As ambassadors for the sport of women's football, we're excited about the future of the women's game.

To celebrate the great things that are happening in this space, we're pleased to launch the first of a limited number of rare 24ct gold plated framed Mythicals cards featuring female footballers from some of the top clubs who are making a real contribution to the women's game for both club and country."

The UNIQUE-LIVE Vivianne Miedema 24ct gold plated framed Mythicals card is the first Futera card to be created for the women's game. Expect more to follow in the coming weeks and months...

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