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Below are the cards found in the collection.


Limited Edition 2000


  1. Barthez

  2. Batistuta

  3. Beckham

  4. Campbell

  5. Cannavaro

  6. Crespo

  7. Davids

  8. Desailly

  9. Figo

  10. Gattuso

  11. Gerrard

  12. Guardiola

  13. Jardel

  14. Keane

  15. Kluivert

  16. Larsson

  17. Lizarazu

  18. Lopez

  19. Mendieta

  20. Nakata

  21. Nesta

  22. Overmars

  23. Owen

  24. Raul

  25. Rivaldo

  26. Salas

  27. Scholl

  28. Seedorf

  29. Shevchenko

  30. Stam

  31. Thuram

  32. Toldo

  33. Totti

  34. Van Nistelrooy

  35. Veron

  36. Vieira

  37. Vieri

  38. Zidane


39. Barthez

40. Nesta

41. Cannavaro

42. Thuram

43. Campbell

44. Zidane

45. Keane

46. Figo

47. Beckham

48. Rivaldo

49. Shevchenko

50. Checklist


EU1     Barthez

EU2     Batistuta

EU3     Beckham

EU4     Cannavaro

EU5     Crespo

EU6     Davids

EU7     Figo

EU8     Keane

EU9     Mendieta

EU10   Nakata

EU11   Nesta

EU12   Raul

EU13   Rivaldo

EU14   Shevchenko

EU15   Thuram

EU16   Totti

EU17   Veron

EU18   Zidane

STRIKE FORCE (1:8 packs)

SF1    Batistuta

SF2    Owen

SF3    Raul

SF4    Rivaldo

SF5    Shevchenko

SF6    Vieri

WORLD GREATS (1:24 packs)

WG1    Maradona

WG2    Pele

WG3    Cruyff


Game Jersey Cards, Autograph Ball Cards, Autograph Jersey Cards – average 1 of any of the following cards per Display Box (24 packs)

PJC1      Owen

PJC2      Baggio

PJC3      Del Piero

PJC4      Kovacevic

PJC5      Montero

PJC6      Edilson

PJC7      Beckham

PJC8      Butt

PJC9      Recoba

PJC10    Zidane

PJC11    Shevchenko

PJC12    Sousa

PJC13    Di Livio

PJC14    Ambrosetti

PJC15    Larsson

BC1       English Ball Card

BC2       European Ball Card

BC3       World Ball Card

JC1        English Jersey Card

JC2        European Jersey Card

WFY1    World Footballer of the Year – Zidane (Game Jersey Card)

GB1      Golden Shoe – Larsson (Game Jersey Card)

NOTE On average, one of the above-listed ‘Game Jersey Cards, Autograph Ball Cards, Autograph Jersey Cards’ will be included in a Display Box (24 packs) although there is no guarantee of receiving one of these cards in any Display Box.


GOLD REDEMPTIONS (1:600 packs)

GRB1     Beckham Gold Redemption Card

GRB2     Beckham 24ct Gold plated Card

GRB3     Beckham Gold Certification Card

GRO1    Owen Gold Redemption Card

GRO2    Owen 24ct Gold plated Card

GRO3    Owen Gold Certification Card


CRZ1      Zidane Crystal Redemption Card

CRZ2      Zidane Crystal Card

CRZ3      Zidane Crystal Certification Card

CRR1      Rivaldo Crystal Redemption Card

CRR2      Rivaldo Crystal Card

CRR3      Rivaldo Crystal Certification Card

NOTE Ratios reflect average inserts per pack over an entire production run and are not guaranteed to exist within an individual pack/box/case.
Checklist & specification subject to change.


The World Stars Centrepiece Card
(150 available worldwide)
Ultra-Rare XL Centrepiece Cards:-

Eurostars (50 worldwide)

Strike Force (50 worldwide)

World Greats (50 worldwide)

ALBUM CARD (Game Jersey Card)

Only available with the World Stars Leather Card Storage Album

AC1     Baggio Transfer


CC1     Beckham

CC2     Owen

CC3     Rivaldo

Limited Edition of 108


DC1    Beckham Jersey Card – limited Edition of 50


2002 saw the launch of Futera’s GOLD Cards – 24ct gold plated engraved cards. Futera also produced 2 CRYSTAL cards for this Collection featuring Zinedine Zidane and Rivaldo. The crystal cards were provided in satin lined presentation boxes and are considered a particularly rare collectible given that Futera has not produced a Crystal card for any other Collection since this Release.

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