Cricket Promotional Cards

Autographed Sir Donald Bradman Redemption Cards

1994 4 uncut Cricket Cards

David Boon

Mark Taylor

Mark Waugh

Craig McDermott

1995 4 uncut Cricket cards

Steve Waugh “There’s No Limit”

Greg Chappell’s Tour

Mark Taylor World Series

Corey Richards from Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy

1995 Ultra Pro Michael Slater Card

Ansett Australia Test Series

AA1 Mark Waugh

AA2 Shane Warne

AA3 Courtney Walsh

AA4 Steve Waugh

AA5 Brian Lara

AA6 Mark Taylor

AA7 Sherwin Campbell

AA8 Ricky Ponting

AA9 Jimmy Adams

AA10 Glenn McGrath

1996 World Cup Series

1996/07 Decider Series

1996/97 New Zealand Cricket

Grand Prix

1994 Grand Prix uncut sheet of 4 main cards

1995 Grand Prix

P1. Michael Schumacher – Benetton

P2. Aguri Suzuki – Ligier

P3. Gerhard Berger – Ferrari

P4. Jean Alesi – Tyrrell


US Promotional Cards

Houston Sports Collectors Convention

RC1 – Allan Border

RC2 – Conan Hayes

RC3 – David Nilsson

RC4 – Mark Bosnich

RC5 – Andrew Gaze

1994 Herald Sun Hit Melbourne Card Show

MS1 – Darryl McDonald

MS2 – Adonis Jordan

MS3 – Lanard Copeland

MS4 – Paul Wade

MS5 – Paul Trimboli

MS6 – David Nilsson

MS7 – Conan Hayes

MS8 – Allan Border

Ozcon 1995

Ozcon 4, 25 and 26 February 1995

Sydney Convention

Pam Burridge

Derek Rucker

Tom Carroll

Mark Shipley

1996 Summer Card Slam

Rugby Union

New Zealand All Black


Futera Members Only Cards

Conan Hayes

Ron Carothers

May Gibbs

P1 Little Obelia

P2 Heather Cards

P3 Boronia Babies

P4 Gummut Home

I Am Australian

P1 John Farnham

P2 Fred Hollows

P3 Sydney Opera House

P4 Kieren Perkins

Sailor Moon Promotional Stickers



A 2-up promo card

Fabio Gouvea, 

Shane Powell

A 4-up promo card

Kelly Slater

Rochele Ballard

Kalani Robb

Lisa Andersen

NRG Cards

NRG 1 Martin Potter

NRG 2 Barton Lynch

NRG 3 Stuart Bedford-Brown

NRG 4 Tom Carroll

NRG 5 Michael Rommelse



PHR1. Header card featuring Nike, 

Major League Baseball &

ABF Logos

PHR2. Throwing and pitching

PHR3. Hitting

PHR4. Running

PHR5. David Nilsson


# 29 Kimera Bartee

# 86 Phil Dale

# 1 Lonell Roberts

# 92 David Nilsson

Graeme Lloyd Best of Both Worlds REdemption Picture Cards

Ron Carothers Bonus Card

Basketball Promotional

Basketball 1992

Supercats Promotional Cards

Show at the Arena in Geelong -

Ray Borner, 

Vince Hitchen

Show at the Arena in Geelong -

Ray Borner, 

Simon Kerle

Show at he Arena in Geelong

Card no. 32 Justin Caas, 

Card no. 34 Everrette Stephens

Show at the Arena in Geelong – 

Card no. 21 Adrian Branch, 

Card no. 22 Cecil Exum

Thin Chips

Thins 1 Leon Trimmingham

Thins 2 Sam Mackinnon

Thins 3 Adonis Jordan

Shoot the Hoops

1. Robert Rose – Adelaide

2. Jo Jo English – Adelaide

3. Shane Heal – Brisbane

4. John Rillie – Brisbane

5. Fred Cofield – Canberra

6. David Close – Canberra

7. David Graham – Geelong

8. Jeff Arnold – Geelong

9. Peter Hill – Gold Coast

10. Andre Moore – Hobart

11. Andre La Fleur – Illawarra

12. Lanard Copeland – Melbourne Tigers

13. Andre Gaze – Melbourne Tigers

14. REggie Smith – Newcastle

15. Chris Jent – North Melbourne

16. Darryl Pearce – North Melbourne

17. Aaron Trahair – Perth

18. James Crawford – Perth

19. Sam Mackinnon – Melboune Magic

20. Andrew Parkinson – Melbourne Magic

21. Leon Trimmingham – Sydney

22. Damian Keogh – Sydney

23. Derek Rucker – Townsville

24. Clarence Tyson – Townsville

NBL Staff Christmas Cards

NBL 1 Christmas Greeting Card

NBL 2 Malcolm Speed – Head Coach

NBL 3 Bil Palmer – Captain/Centre

NBL 4 Roslyn Heal – Bossy Point Guard

NBL 5 Graham Miller – Bench Chairman

NBL 6 Deborah Houghton – Chief Scout

NBL 7 Brendan McClements – Court Announcer

NBL 8 Joanne Ferguson – Cheerleader

NBL 9 Jodi Bernard – Team Mascot

NBL 10 Michelle O’Connor – Head Statistician

NBL 11 Gary Fox – Game Commisioner


1994 Newspaper 4-up Crds Promotion

2 Up Basketball Cards

Luke Gribble, David Graham

Andrew Goodwin, Terry Dozier

Chuck Harmison, David Blades

Andrew Vlahov, Terry Dozier

Alan Black, Mark Leader

Mark Davis, Sandy Brondello

Checklist 152-183, Warrick Giddey

Darren Perry, Andre Moore

Sticker Sheet

Adelaide Super Sixers

Brisbane Bullets

Canberra Cannons

Geelong Supercats

Gold Coast Rollers

Tassie Devils

Illawarra Hawks

Melbourne Togers

Newcastle Falcons

North Melbourne Giants

Perth Wildcats

S.E. Melboune Magic

Sydney Kings

Townsville Suns

Kareen Abdul Jabber

1995 Basketball

Sam MacKinnon & Andrew Gaze

Darryl McDonald & Lanard Copeland

Queenslands Basketball Incorporated

Bruce Hamilton – Brisbane Brewers

Wade Eathorne – Budekin Wildcats

Gausa? Arnold – Cairns Marlins

Ryan Stolberg – Ipswich Eagles

Kelvin Muspratt – Rockhampton Rockets

Damien Anderson – Southern Districts Spartans

Patrick Cooney – Sunshine Coast Sea Eagles

Trevor Grieve – Toowomba Mountaineers

Darren Breeding – Bundaberg Bulls

Toby Zaremba – Gold Coast Breakers

Wade Rebetzke – Makay Meteors

NBL Challenge Game Cards

Lucas Agrums

Brian Andrews

Lachlan Armfield

David Blades

Chris Blakemoore

Bruce Bolden

Ray Borner

Mark Bradtke

C.J Bruton

Jason Cameron

Chris Carroll

Justin Cass

Martin Cattalini

David Close

Dave Colbert

Lanard Copeland

Mike Corkeron

James Crawford

Mark Dalton

Mark Davis

Tony De Ambrosis

Cameron Dickenson

Mario Donaldson

John Dorge

Terry Dozier

Cecil Exum

Scott Fisher

Shane Froling

Andrew Gaze

Warrick Giddey

Andrew Goodwin

Ricky Grace

David Graham

Lule Gribble

Chuck Harmison

Peter Harvey

Butch Hays

Shane Heal

Fred Herzog

Peter Hill

Vince Hinchen

Greg Hubbard

Tonny Jensen

Michael Johnson

Rod Johnson

Ricky Jones

Adonis Jordan

Damian Keogh

Simon Kerle

Grant Kruger

Paul Kuiper

Wayne Larkins

Mark Leader

Andre La Fleur

Leroy Loggins

Darren Lucas

Brett Maher

Paul Maley

Wayne McDaniel

Darryl McDonald

Dene McDonald

Mike McKay

Sam Mackinnon

Mike Mitchell

Andre Moore

Tim Morrisey

Scott Ninnis

Andrew Parkinson

Darryl Pearce

Darren Perry

Matthew Reece

Paul Rees

Jason Reese

Pat Reidy

Tony Ronaldson

Robert Rose

Derek Rucker

Rupert Sapwell

Larry Sengstock

Robert Sibley

Davis Simmons

Paul Simpson

Rodger Smith

Phil Smyth

Chris Steele

John Stelzer

Everette Stephens

Anthony Stewart

Andrew Svaldenis

Calvin Talford

Melvin Thomas

Trevor Torrance

Aaron Trehair

Leon Trimmingham

Dean Uthoff

Andrew Vlahov

Eric Watterson

Stephen Whitehead

Justin Whiters

Matt Witkowski

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