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Limited Release: only 380 packs worldwide.


Capture some of the club's biggest superstars and their stats in this officially licensed card release commemorating the their 2022/23 season!


Every card is individually foil-numbered with Base Set cards limited # to 30, and rare Parallels # to 15, # to 9, # to 5 and ultra-rare '1 of 1' 24ct gold plated framed cards.


Cards are sold in packs of 3, with each pack including an individually foil-numbered, rare parallel card. 




  • All cards are Limited Edition with a published release quantity
  • Every card is individually foil-numbered
  • Foiled elements front and back
  • Cards average 2mm
  • Rare Parallel cards are randomly inserted including '1 of 1' cards where only one of each card has been created for the featured player.


Cards are presented in toploaders wrapped with the Club's official slipcover (3 cards per pack).

SHIPPING:  within 30 days.

COUNTRIES WE CAN NOT SHIP TO: It is not currently possible to purchase from/ship to the following countries: Hong Kong, Iceland, Egypt, Chile, Peru, Ukraine.  Orders placed for any of the above countries cannot be accepted and will necessarily have to be refunded.


Terms & Conditions:  Please read below + the Purchase Terms & Refunds + Shipping Info Sections and also visit the home page for a reminder of our full terms & conditions and Privacy Policy to which you agree when using this website and shop facility -


Insert ratios are averaged across an entire production run and there is no guarantee that any particular card or card type will feature in any pack/box/minicase/case. Total card quantities per pack may vary depending on type of insert. Gold plated framed cards may be 23ct or 24ct depending on their Insert Set type. Graphics shown are Artist’s impression.


Content and description subject to change.


By placing an order on our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.  .

Contact Us:  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before placing an order: Email us at

Olympique de Marseille 'Season Review' Commemorative Release 2022/2023

SKU: OMSR202223
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    Availability: If the Mail Order allocation on the Online Shop has been sold out by the time your order was placed but where Paypal's system has nevertheless processed your payment, you will receive an email from Futera advising of this occurrence and your Paypal payment would be reimbursed (normally within 3 working days). 

    Insert ratios: insert ratios quoted on the website, shop, or sales marketing material are averages taken across the production and packing of an entire production and no claim can be made for any particular card not existing in any particular pack/box/minicase/case.

    Futera can not be responsible for orders not received or processed as a result of excessive traffic, internet connection delays, outages or shop inventory anomalies beyond its control, and any payments processed by Paypal in such event where an order has been placed but has not been received by Futera administrators prior to an item becoming sold out would  necessarily have to be refunded.

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    Proof of delivery: Purchasers acknowledge and agree that in cases where the Courier/delivery service provides proof of delivery and/or their online report shows that the order has been delivered to the address provided by the purchaser, no claims for non-delivery can  be entertained.  See further information under SHIPIPNG INFO.

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    Liability: Futera’s liability for any product is strictly limited to the price it was sold at by Futera to the customer in USD$ exclusive of shipping cost or other charges.  

    This offer is subject to Mail Order allocation stock availability and market allocations and may be withdrawn or cancelled at any time without notice.

    Card Care: It is recommended that cards are placed in card protectors to support their condition and longevity and should not be stored at higher or lower than average temperatures or in humid conditions/environment or sunlight. Cards produced with special materials such as special foiling effects or gold plated elements may contain or appear to contain mild imperfections as natural characteristics which are not production faults.  Where gold plated framed cards are described as 23ct some cards may be 24ct gold plate and vice-versa due to plating processes. Cards should always be handled with care, particularly cards featuring plating or other special finish where humidity and/or handling may affect surfaces or special finishes. Claims can not be considered for cards suffering from ‘wear and tear’ or handling damage. In the event of a card manufacturing fault you may notify Futera who may at their discretion seek to obtain a replacement card if available or otherwise seek to remedy the situation. Occasionally a card may be damaged during transportation which is a situation beyond the control of Futera and claims should be referred to the carrier (Post Office service/Courier). 

    Please also refer to the SHIPPING INFO section, and also to the full terms and conditions relating to purchases at  By placing an order on our website you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

    If you have any questions concerning the order process or any of the terms and conditions provided please contact us before placing your order at:

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