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commemorative collection 


As some collectors from China/Hong Kong are not able to purchase online, a China Edition of the UNIQUE-LIVE cards was created as a Commemorative Collection for local distribution by Chinese-based distributors Shanghai Ruika Trading Co. Ltd.


The China Commemorative Collection was created as a separate release with different colourways, and also different card numbering.  Although most players appear in both collections, some Clubs have a slightly different checklist.

MOMENTS (of 40 – plus Parallels # of 10 (SILVER), of 5 (NAVY) and of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

COM01       Yuto Nagatomo

COM02       Luis Henrique

COM03       Dimitri Payet

COM04       Darío Benedetto

COM05       Valère Germain

COM06       Morgan Sanson

COM07       Nemanja Radonjić

COM08       Steve Mandanda

COM09       Boubacar Kamara

COM10       Duje Ćaleta-Car

COM11       Florian Thauvin

COM12       André Villas-Boas

COM13       Hiroki Sakai

COM14       Marley Aké

COM15       Pape Gueye

ROOKIES (of 35 – plus Parallels # of 8 (SILVER), of 4 (NAVY) and of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

COR01         Nassim Ahmed

COR02         Luis Henrique

COR03         Ugo Bertelli

COR04         Aaron Kamardin

COR05         Jores Rahou

COR06         Richecard Richard

COR07         Marley Aké

LEGACY (of 15 – plus Parallels # of 5 (NAVY) and of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

COML01  Dimitri Payet

COML02  Yuto Nagatomo

COML03  Hiroki Sakai

COML04  Florian Thauvin

COML05  Steve Mandanda


PHENOMS (of 5 – plus Parallels # of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

COP01         Cheick Souare

COP02         Richecard Richard

COP03         Jores Rahou

COP04         Alexandre Phliponeau

COP05         Aaron Kamardin

COP06         Boubacar Kamara

COP07         Luis Henrique

COP08         Ugo Bertelli

COP09         Nassim Ahmed

COP10         Marley Aké



MYTHICALS (of 5 – plus Parallels # of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

COMT01  Valère Germain

COMT02  Steve Mandanda

COMT03  Yohann Pelé

COMT04  Dimitri Payet

COMT05  Hiroki Sakai

COMT06  Yuto Nagatomo

COMT07  Darío Benedetto

COMT08  Álvaro González

COMT09  Kevin Strootman

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