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MANCHESTER CITY UNIQUE-LIVE 2021 (Commemorative Collection)

As some collectors from China/Hong Kong are not able to purchase online, a China Edition of the UNIQUE-LIVE cards was created as a Commemorative Collection for local distribution by Chinese-based distributors Shanghai Ruika Trading Co. Ltd.


The China Commemorative Collection was created as a separate release with different colourways, and also different card numbering.  Although most players appear in both collections, some Clubs have a slightly different checklist.

MOMENTS (of 40 – plus Parallels # of 10 (SILVER), of 5 (NAVY) and of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

CMC01        Raheem Sterling

CMC02        Pep Guardiola

CMC03        Phil Foden

CMC04        Kevin De Bruyne

CMC05        Sergio Aguero

CMC06        Ilkay Gundogan

CMC07        John Stones

CMC08        Ferran Torres

CMC09        Ruben Dias

CMC10        Bernardo Silva

CMC11        Kyle Walker

CMC12        Gabriel Jesus

CMC13        Joao Cancelo

CMC14        Rodri

CMC15        Riyad Mahrez

CMC16        Aymeric Laporte

CMC17        Nathan Ake

CMC18        Benjamin Mendy

CMC19        Fernandinho

ROOKIES (of 35 – plus Parallels # of 8 (SILVER), of 4 (NAVY) and of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

CMR01        Liam Delap

CMR02        Tommy Doyle

CMR03        Phil Foden

CMR04        Cole Palmer

CMR05        Felix Nmecha

CMR06        Ruben Dias

CMR07        Ferran Torres

CMR08        Eric Garcia

CMR09        Taylor Harwood-Bellis

CMR10        Claudio Gomes

LEGACY (of 15 – plus Parallels # of 5 (NAVY) and of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

CMM01       Kevin De Bruyne

CMM02       Ederson

CMM03       Ilkay Gundogan

CMM04       Aymeric Laporte

CMM05       Sergio Aguero

CMM06       Riyad Mahrez

CMM07       Gabriel Jesus

CMM08       Bernardo Silva

CMM09       Raheem Sterling

CMM10       Kyle Walker

CMM11       Benjamin Mendy

CMM12       Eric García

CMM13       Oleksandr Zinchenko


PHENOMS (of 5 – plus Parallels # of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

CMP01        Eric Garcia

CMP02        Ruben Dias

CMP03        Ferran Torres

CMP04        Phil Foden

CMP05        Liam Delap

CMP06        Felix Nmecha

CMP07        Tommy Doyle

CMP08        Cole Palmer

CMP09        Gabriel Jesus

CMP10        Zack Steffen

CMP11        Oleksandr Zinchenko

CMP12        Taylor Harwood-Bellis

CMP13        Adrián Bernabé

CMP14        Claudio Gomes

MYTHICALS (of 5 – plus Parallels # of 1 (LIGHT BLUE))

CMMT01  Sergio Aguero

CMMT02  Kevin De Bruyne

CMMT03  Fernandinho

CMMT04  Pep Guardiola

CMMT05  Ilkay Gundogan

CMMT06  Kyle Walker

CMMT07  Raheem Sterling

CMMT08  John Stones

CMMT09  Riyad Mahrez

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