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100 STADIUM FUTERAvCARDS:- 30 Bronze, 30 Silver, 25 Gold, 15 Platinum

Build your Stadium and increase your Club’s income potential by adding Stadium Cards which can give you more seating capacity (sell more tickets), or a Fast Food Stand (giving your Club rent), and lots more….

30 card set. Ratio 1:1 virtual packs
1 Bronze Stadium card in every pack

Programme Seller
Merchandise Seller
50 Standing East Stand
50 Standing West Stand
100 Standing North Stand
100 Standing South Stand
Public Toilets 
Small Car Park 
Flood Lights
Subs Bench
Training Pitch
25 Seater East Stand
25 Seater West Stand
15 Seater North Stand
15 Seater South Stand
Sponsorship Holding Boards
Club House
3 Hospitality Boxes
Burger Stand
75 Seater East Stand
75 Seater West Stand
50 Seater North Stand
50 Seater South Stand
Wooden Score Board
Drinks Stall
Dog Track
100 Seater East Stand
100 Seater West Stand
85 Seater North Stand
85 Seater South Stand

30 card set. Ratio 1:24 virtual packs

Programme Stall
Merchandise Stall
5,000 Standing East Stand
5,000 Standing West Stand
2,500 Stadning North Stand
2,500 Standing South Stand
Medium Car Park
Stadium Announcer
First Aid Room
500 Seater East Stand
500 Seater West Stand
250 Seater North Stand
250 Seater South Stand
Reolving Sponsorship Boards
Club Office 
6 Hospitality Boxes
1,500 Seater East Stand
1,500 Seater West Stand
1,000 Seater North Stand
1,000 Seater South Stand
Electronic Score Borad
Speedway Track
50 Match Day Stewards
Undersoil Heating
400 Standing East Stand
400 Standing West
200 Standing North Stand
200 Standing South Stand

25 card set. Ratio 1:100 virtual packs

Programme Stand
Club Shop
10,000 Seater East Stand
10,000 Seater West Stand
5,000 Seater North Stand
5,000 Seater South Stand
Multi Storey Car Park
1,000 Corner East Stand
1,000 Corner West Stand
1,000 Corner North Stand
1,000 Corner South Stand
Electronic Sponsorship boards
Club Museum 
12 Hospitality Boxes 
8,000 Standing East Stand
8,000 Standing West Stand
4,000 Standing North Stand
4,000 Standing South Stand
TV Screen
Running Track
500 Match Day Stewards
Stadium Bus Station

15 card set. Ratio 1:3600 virtual packs

Club Megastore
50,000 Seater East Stand
50,000 Seater West Stand
25,000 Seater North Stand
25,000 Seater South Stand
Retractable Roof
Media Centre 
Training Complex
18 Hospitality Boxes
10,000 Corner East Stand
10,000 Corner West Stand
10,000 Corner North Stand
10,000 Corner South Stand
Stadium Train Station

Stadium Cards are added to the game ongoing and are not specific to the FWF Virtual Card Pack release. The Futera World Football Online Game (FWFOnline) is an ongoing, evolving game with new cards and features added ongoing. No cards ever go out of date. Other Stadium Cards which are playable in the game are cards from the Inaugural World Football Online Club FuteraVcard Collection (see below). You may find any Stadium FuteraVcard in packs of FWF Online Virtual Cards.


  • STAD001 Food Van

  • STAD002 Club Shop

  • STAD003 Stadium Ticket Office

  • STAD004 Programme Stall


  • STAD005 1,000 Capacity Standing (West Stand)

  • STAD006 1,000 Capacity Standing (East Stand)

  • STAD007 500 Capacity Standing (North Stand)

  • STAD008 500 Capacity Standing (South Stand)


  • STAD009 5,000 Seater Stand (West Stand)

  • STAD0010 5,000 Seater Stand (East Stand)

  • STAD0011 2,500 Seater Stand (North Stand)

  • STAD0012 2,500 Seater Stand (South Stand)

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