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‘THE TRANSFER STARS’ COLLECTION is a Limited Edition FuteraVcard Set (virtual cards) featuring footballing greats. Very rare – each card has a different Limited Edition.

8 Card Set (February 2012)

TRST01 Baines, Leighton
TRST02 Kagawa, Shinji
TRST03 Katongo, Christopher
TRST04 Lindegaard, Anders
TRST05 Simeone, Diego
TRST06 Keegan, Kevin
TRST07 Morishima, Hiroaki
TRST08 Revie, Don

Phase 2 (April 2012)

TRST09 Cisse, Papiss
TRST10 Gaitan, Nicolas
TRST11 Yeboah, Tony
TRST12 Villa, Ricky

Phase 3 (September 2012)

TRST13 Asamoah, Kwadwo
TRST14 Caceres, Martin
TRST15 Isla, Mauricio
TRST16 Sahin, Nuri
TRST17 Careca
TRST18 Tigana, Jean
TRST19 Van Nistelrooy, Ruud


These cards can currently only be purchased using Futera Tokens. You can earn Futera Tokens at

The following table shows the Name, Country and Position as well as the Futera Tokens value for each card – the higher the Tokens value, the greater playing power the card will have.

Lindegaard, Anders – Denmark, Goalkeeper 40,000
Katongo, Christopher – Zambia, Striker 60,000
Kagawa, Shinji – Japan, Midfielder 100,000
Baines, Leighton – England, Defender 130,000
Simeone, Diego – Argentina, Manager 80,000
Morishima, Hiroaki – Japan, Striker 250,000
Keegan, Kevin – England, Midfielder 500,000
Revie, Don – England, Manager 250,000
Cisse, Papiss – Senegal, Striker 40,000
Gaitan, Nicolas – Argentina, Midfielder 80,000
Yeboah, Tony – Ghana, Striker 250,000
Villa, Ricky – Argentina, Midfielder 500,000
Asamoah, Kwadwo – Ghana, Midfielder 40,000
Caceres, Martin – Uruguay, Defender 80,000
Isla, Mauricio – Chile, Midfielder 100,000
Sahin, Nuri – Turkey, Midfielder 150,000
Careca – Brazil, Striker 200,000
Tigana, Jean – France, Midfielder 350,000
Van Nistelrooy, Ruud – Holland, Striker 500,000

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