THE MYTHICALS’ COLLECTION is a Limited Edition FuteraVcard Set (virtual cards) featuring footballing greats from a bygone era. Very rare – limited to just 10 Sets.

25 Card Set (‘of 10’)

MYTH01 Alcántara, Paulino
MYTH02 Bican, Josef
MYTH03 Charles, John
MYTH04 Da Silva, Leônidas
MYTH05 Gento, Paco
MYTH06 McGrory, Jimmy
MYTH07 Nasazzi, José
MYTH08 Ntsoelengoe, Patrick ‘Ace’
MYTH09 Santos, Djalma
MYTH10 Trautmann, Bert
MYTH11 Figueroa, Elias
MYTH12 Gonzalez, Magico
MYTH13 Hidegkuti, Nandor
MYTH14 Kubala, Laszlo
MYTH15 Maier, Sepp 
MYTH16 Breitner, Paul
MYTH17 Facchetti, Giacinto
MYTH18 Rep, Johnny (‘of 15’)
MYTH19 Tardelli, Marco
MYTH20 Wright, Billy


MYM01 Clough, Brian
MYM02 Michels, Rinus
MYM03 Munoz, Miguel
MYM04 Shankly, Bill
MYM05 Weisweiler, Hennes

These cards can currently only be purchased using Futera Tokens. You can earn Futera Tokens at

The following table shows the Name, Country and Position as well as the Futera Tokens value for each card – the higher the Tokens value, the greater playing power the card will have.

Wright, Billy – England, Defender 10,000,000
Alcantara, Paulino – Philippines, Striker 10,000,000
Hidegkuti Nandor – Hungary, Midfielder 10,000,000
McGrory, Jimmy – Scotland, Striker 7,000,000
Facchetti, Giacanti – Italy, Defender 5,000,000
Nasazzi, José – Uruguay, Defender 5,000,000
Ntsoelengoe, Patrick ‘Ace’ – South Africa, Midfield 5,000,000
Gonzalez, Magico – El Salvador, Striker 5,000,000
Santos, Djalma – Brazil, Defender 4,000,000
Breitner, Paul – West Germany, Defender 3,000,000
Figueroa, Elias – Chile, Defender 3,000,000
Charles, John – Wales, Defender 3,000,000
da Silva, Leônidas – Brazil, Striker 3,000,000
Tardelli, Marco – Italy, Midfielder 2,000,000
Bican, Josef – Hungary, Striker 2,000,000
Kubala, Laszlo – Hungary, Striker 2,000,000
Gento, Paco – Spain, Midfield 2,000,000
Rep, Johnny – Holland, Striker 1,000,000
Maier, Sepp – Germany, Goalkeeper 1,000,000
Trautmann, Bert – Germany, Goalkeeper 1,000,000

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