Foil Embossed Players Edition Sets: 500 special sets with Limited Edition albums.

Notes: This Futera Fans Selection release was the first to incorporate a parallel set of the 18 Special Edition Embossed cards printed on a silver foil board, making these highly sought after chase cards. A number of the main set cards, numbers 1 to 90, were also printed on foil board and these are given to the club to give to the players that appear in the sets, hence the name Players Edition. 

A further 500 of these sets are made for sale as a set, these coming with a Limited Release Hard Cover Album, of which only 500 are released.


Below are the cards found in the collection.

1-9 Team Puzzle THE TEAM 
10 Frank Sinclair 
11 Dan Petrescu 
12 Graeme Le Saux 
13 Paul Hughes 
14 Gustavo Poyet 
15 Mark Hughes 
16 Gianfranco Zola 
17 Bernard Lambourde 
18 Gianluca Vialli 
19 Frank Leboeuf 
20 Mark Nicholls 
21 Ed De Goey 
22 Celestine Babayaro 
23 Steve Clarke 
24 Roberto Di Matteo 
25 Jody Morris 
26 Michael Duberry 
27 Kevin Hitchcock 
28 Dennis Wise 
29 Eddie Newton 
30 Tore Andre Flo 
31 Dmitri Kharine 
32 Danny Granville 
33 Neil Clement 
34 Andy Myers 
35 David Lee 
36 Ruud Gullit ROOKIES 
37 Steve Hampshire 
38 Shane Demetriou 
39 Robert Wolleaston SEASON'S BEST 
40 Chelsea 2 Arsenal 3 
41 Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0 
42 Barnsley 0 Chelsea 6 
43 Crystal Palace 0 Chelsea 3 
44 Chelsea 4 Southampton 2 
45 Wimbledon 0 Chelsea 3 
46 The Cup Campaign 
47 Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 2 
48 FA Cup Third Round
49 FA Fourth Round 
50 FA Cup Fifth Round 
51 FA Cup Fifth Round Replay 
52 FA Cup Quarter-Final 
53 FA Cup Semi-Final 
55 Roberto Di Matteo 
56 Gianfranco Zola 
57 Dan Petrescu 
58 Frank Leboeuf 
59 Mark Hughes 
60 Gustavo Poyet STUNNING SAVES 
61 Ed De Goey 
62 Ed De Goey 
63 Ed De Goey DREAM TEAM

64 Frank Leboeuf 
65 Gianluca Vialli 
66 Gustavo Poyet 
67 Dennis Wise 
68 Gianfranco Zola 
69 Roberto Di Matteo 
70 Steve Clarke 
71 Dan Petrescu 
72 Graeme Le Saux 
73 Ed De Goey 
74 Mark Hughes 
75 Champions Wise FA Cup HEROES 
76 Glenn Hoddle 
77 Ray Wilkins 
78 Peter Osgood 
79 Ron Harris 
80 Checklist 1 
81 Checklist 2 STADIUM PUZZLE 
82 Stamford Bridge 
83 Stamford Bridge 
84 Stamford Bridge 
85 Stamford Bridge 
86 Stamford Bridge 
87 Stamford Bridge 
88 Stamford Bridge 
89 Stamford Bridge 
90 Stamford Bridge


SE1 Mark Hughes 
SE2 Frank Sinclair 
SE3 Roberto Di Matteo 
SE4 Gianfranco Zola 
SE5 Graeme Le Saux 
SE6 Dan Petrescu 
SE7 Frank Leboeuf 
SE8 Gianluca Vialli 
SE9 Dennis Wise 
SE10 Gustavo Poyet 
SE11 Paul Hughes 
SE12 Michael Duberry 
SE13 Ruud Gullit 
SE14 Steve Clarke 
SE15 Bernard Lambourde 
SE16 Tore Andre Flo 
SE17 Ed De Goey 
SE18 Emblem Lenticular

(Stamford Bridge/Dennis Wise holding FA Cup(diff pic to Champions card) DIFF PIC /Zola & Di Matteo shots used on Album) Album Front Zola Album Back Di Matteo Flyer/Poster Wise holding FA Cup (same as Champions cup)

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