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BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH 2022/23 PREMIUM FOOTBALL CARDS - Limited Edition Release of 1311 packs

SQUAD (GOLD # to 30, SILVER # to 15, BLACK # to 10, GREEN # to 5, DIAMOND 1 of 1)

BM01  Jonas Omlin

BM02  Tobias Sippel

BM03  Jan Olschowsky

BM04  Ramy Bensebaini

BM05  Mamadou Doucouré

BM06  Marvin Friedrich

BM07  Tony Jantschke

BM08  Stefan Lainer

BM09  Luca Netz

BM10  Joe Scally

BM11  Ko Itakura

BM12  Nico Elvedi

BM13  Jonas Hofmann

BM14  Patrick Herrmann

BM15  Manu Koné

BM16  Hannes Wolf

BM17  Oscar Fraulo

BM18  Christoph Kramer

BM19  Florian Neuhaus

BM20  Julian Weigl

BM21  Nathan Ngoumou

BM22  Conor Noß

BM23  Alassane Plea

BM24  Lars Stindl

BM25  Marcus Thuram

VINTAGE (GOLD # to 9, DIAMOND 1 of 1)

GT01  Tobias Sippel

GT02  Jan Olschowsky

GT03  Ramy Bensebaini

GT04  Mamadou Doucouré

GT05  Marvin Friedrich

GT06  Tony Jantschke

GT07  Stefan Lainer

GT08  Luca Netz

GT09  Joe Scally

GT10  Ko Itakura

GT11  Nico Elvedi

GT12  Jonas Hofmann

GT13  Patrick Herrmann

GT14  Manu Koné

GT15  Hannes Wolf

GT16  Oscar Fraulo

GT17  Christoph Kramer

GT18  Florian Neuhaus

GT19  Julian Weigl

GT20  Nathan Ngoumou

GT21  Conor Noß

GT22  Alassane Plea

GT23  Lars Stindl

GT24  Marcus Thuram



GGD01  Jan Olschowsky

GGD02  Ramy Bensebaini

GGD03  Joe Scally

GGD04  Ko Itakura

GGD05  Jonas Hofmann

GGD06  Patrick Herrmann

GGD07  Manu Koné

GGD08  Alassane Plea

GGD09  Lars Stindl

GGD10  Marcus Thuram


LEGACY (GOLD # to 20, SILVER # to 12, BLACK # to 7, GREEN # to 3, DIAMOND 1 of 1)

BLG01  Manu Koné

BLG02  Joe Scally

BLG03  Lars Stindl

BLG04  Marcus Thuram

BLG05  Julian Weigl

BLG06  Jonas Hofmann


MOMENTS AUTO (GOLD # to 8, BLACK # to 5, GREEN # to 3, DIAMOND 1 of 1)

ABM01  Jonas Hofmann

ABM02  Manu Koné

ABM03  Ko Itakura

ABM04  Lars Stindl

ABM05  Patrick Herrmann

ABM06  Christoph Kramer

ABM07  Alassane Plea

ABM08  Ramy Bensebaini

ABM09  Florian Neuhaus

ABM10  Joe Scally

ABM11  Tony Jantschke

ABM12  Marvin Friedrich

ABM13  Julian Weigl

ABM14  Nico Elvedi

TRIUMPH AUTO (GOLD # to 8, BLACK # to 5, GREEN # to 3, DIAMOND 1 of 1)

ABT01  Jonas Hofmann

ABT02  Manu Koné

ABT03  Ko Itakura

ABT04  Lars Stindl

ABT05  Patrick Herrmann

ABT06  Christoph Kramer

ABT07  Alassane Plea

ABT08  Ramy Bensebaini

ABT09  Florian Neuhaus

ABT10  Joe Scally

ABT11  Tony Jantschke

ABT12  Marvin Friedrich

ABT13  Julian Weigl

ABT14  Nico Elvedi

CONQUERORS AUTO (GOLD # to 8, BLACK # to 5, GREEN # to 3, DIAMOND 1 of 1)

ABC01  Jonas Hofmann

ABC02  Manu Koné

ABC03  Ko Itakura

ABC04  Lars Stindl

ABC05  Patrick Herrmann

ABC06  Christoph Kramer

ABC07  Alassane Plea

ABC08  Ramy Bensebaini

ABC09  Florian Neuhaus

ABC10  Joe Scally

ABC11  Tony Jantschke

ABC12  Marvin Friedrich

ABC13  Julian Weigl

ABC14  Nico Elvedi

Content and description subject to change. Card ratios are averages across the production run and are not guaranteed to exist in any particular pack/box/case. Total card quantities per pack may vary depending on type of insert. Gold plated framed cards may be 23ct or 24ct depending on their Insert Set type. Artist’s impression only. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions on the Collection's Product pages on the Online Shop and at
Copyright © 2023 Futera Limited, Hong Kong.


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