Below are the cards found in the collection.


Team Sticker

Don Shipway – Coach

Albert Leslei – Assistant Coach

Mark Davis – Captain

Mark Bradtke

Michael Corkeron

Jerry Dennard

Butch Hays

Graham kubank

Brett Maher

Michael McKay

Kym Taylor

Brett Wheeler

Futera Sticker – common to all sets


Team Sticker

Bob Turner – Coach

Damian Keogh – Captain

Tony De Ambrosis

Jody Austin

Brad Dalton

Mark Dalton

Peter Hill

Dwayne McClain

Ken McClary

Tim Morrissey

Cory Reader

Dean Uthoff

Futera Sticker


Team Sticker

Brian Kerle – Coach

Gordie McLeod – Assitant Coach

Leroy Loggins – Captain

Adrian Branch

Lyndon Brieffies

Greg Fox

Luke Gribble

Shane Heal

Simon Kerle

Andre Moore

Paul Rees

Blair Smith

Futera Sticker


Team Sticker

Bruce Palmer – Coach

Glenn Binnes – Assistant Coach

Scott Fisher – Captain

Ray Borner

Martin Clarke

David Graham

Rod Johnson

Mark Leader

Paul Maley

Darryl Pearce

Pat Reidy

Andrew Simons

Futera Sticker


Team Sticker

Barry Barnes – Coach

Ian Ellis – Assistant Coach

Lachlan Armfield

Simon Cottrell

Steve Hood

Jamie Kennedy

Herb McEachin

Jason Reese

Phil Smyth

John Stelzer

Matt Witkowski

Matt Zauner

Futera Sticker


Team Sticker

Murray Arnold – Coach

Dave Hancock – Assistant Coach

Mike Ellis – Captain

James Crawford

Ricky Grace

Peter Hansen

Vince Hinchen

Griffen Longley

Tiny Pinder

Trevor Torrance

Andrew Vlahov

Eric Watterson

Futera Sticker


Team Sticker

Brian Goorjian – Coach

Ian Stacker – Assistant Coach

Bruce Bolden – Co Captain

Darren Perry – Co Captain

Lucas Agrums

John Dorge

Andrew Howey

Darren Lucas

Milt Newton

Scott Ninnis

Andrew Parkinson

Tony Ronaldson

Futera Sticker


Team Sticker

Lindsay Gaze – Coach

Alan Westover – Assistant Coach

Andrew Gaze – Captain

Lanard Copeland

Warrick Giddey

Ray Gordon

Steve Lunardon

Nigel Purchase

Robert Sybley

David Simmons

Dean Vickerman

Steven Whitehead

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