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BASE (GOLD # to 60, SILVER # to 25, BLUE # to 10, RED # to 5, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AFC01  Bernd Leno

AFC02  Aaron Ramsdale

AFC03  Kieran Tierney

AFC04  Gabriel

AFC05  Ben White

AFC06  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AFC07  Nuno Tavares

AFC08  Thomas Partey

AFC09  Bukayo Saka

AFC10  Emile Smith Rowe

AFC11  Martin Odegaard

AFC12  Albert Sambi Lokonga

AFC13  Charlie Patino

AFC14  Gabriel Martinelli

AFC15  Alexandre Lacazette

AFC16  Nicolas Pepe

FUTURE STARS (GOLD # to 35, SILVER # to 15, BLUE # to 7, RED # to 3, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AFS01  Aaron Ramsdale

AFS02  Arthur Okwonku

AFS03  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AFS04  Nuno Tavares

AFS05  Bukayo Saka

AFS06  Emile Smith Rowe

AFS07  Albert Sambi Lokonga

AFS08  Gabriel Martinelli

AFS09  Charlie Patino

NEXT (GOLD # to 45, SILVER # to 18, BLUE # to 8, RED # to 4, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

ANX01  Aaron Ramsdale

ANX02  Arthur Okwonku

ANX03  Takehiro Tomiyasu

ANX04  Nuno Tavares

ANX05  Bukayo Saka

ANX06  Emile Smith Rowe

ANX07  Albert Sambi Lokonga

ANX08  Gabriel Martinelli

ANX09  Charlie Patino

TRIBUTE (GOLD # to 25, SILVER # to 10, BLUE # to 5, RED # to 2, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

ATR01  Gabriel Martinelli

ATR02  Bukayo Saka

ATR03  Emile Smith Rowe

ATR04  Martin Ødegaard

ATR05  Alexandre Lacazette

ATR06  Takehiro Tomiyasu

ATR07  Kieran Tierney

ATR08  Thomas Partey

ATR09  Ben White

ATR10  Aaron Ramsdale

LEGACY (GOLD # to 16, SILVER # to 7, BLUE # to 4, RED # to 2, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AL01  Gabriel

AL02  Alexandre Lacazette

AL03  Bernd Leno

AL04  Albert Sambi Lokonga

AL05  Gabriel Martinelli

AL06  Martin Ødegaard

AL07  Thomas Partey

AL08  Nicolas Pepe

AL09  Aaron Ramsdale

AL10  Bukayo Saka

AL11  Emile Smith Rowe

AL12  Kieran Tierney

AL13  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AL14  Ben White

AL15  Granit Xhaka

HEROES (GOLD # to 30, SILVER # to 10, BLUE # to 5, RED # to 2, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AHR01  Aaron Ramsdale

AHR02  Kieran Tierney

AHR03  Gabriel

AHR04  Ben White

AHR05  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AHR06  Bukayo Saka

AHR07  Emile Smith Rowe

AHR08  Martin Odegaard

AHR09  Thomas Partey


CONQUEROR MEMO (GOLD # to 35, SILVER # to 15, BLUE # to 7, RED # to 3, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

ACQ01  Gabriel

ACQ02  Takehiro Tomiyasu

ACQ03  Bukayo Saka

ACQ04  Martin Odegaard

ACQ05  Gabriel Martinelli

ACQ06  Nicolas Pepe

ACQ07  Granit Xhaka

HEROES DUO MEMO (GOLD # to 25, SILVER # to 10, BLUE # to 6, RED # to 3, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AHD01  Gabriel Martinelli

AHD02  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AHD03  Martin Odegaard

SUPERSTARS MEMO (GOLD # to 25, SILVER # to 10, BLUE # to 6, RED # to 3, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AS01  Gabriel

AS02  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AS03  Bukayo Saka

AS04  Martin Odegaard

AS05  Gabriel Martinelli

AS06  Nicolas Pepe

AS07  Granit Xhaka



AAM01  Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

AAM02  Gabriel Martinelli

AAM03  Martin Odegaard

AAM04  Thomas Partey

AAM05  Nicolas Pepe

AAM06  Bukayo Saka

AAM07  Albert Sambi Lokonga

AAM08  Nuno Tavares

AAM09  Kieran Tierney

AAM10  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AAM11  Ben White


AAT01  Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

AAT02  Gabriel Martinelli

AAT03  Martin Odegaard

AAT04  Thomas Partey

AAT05  Nicolas Pepe

AAT06  Bukayo Saka

AAT07  Albert Sambi Lokonga

AAT08  Nuno Tavares

AAT09  Kieran Tierney

AAT10  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AAT11  Ben White


MYTHICALS (GOLD # to 6, RED # to 3, RAINBOW 1 of 1)

AMT01  Mohamed Elneny

AMT02  Rob Holding

AMT03  Alexandre Lacazette

AMT04  Bernd Leno

AMT05  Martin Odegaard

AMT06  Thomas Partey

AMT07  Nicolas Pepe

AMT08  Kieran Tierney

AMT09  Ben White

AMT10  Granit Xhaka

AMT11  Aaron Ramsdale

AMT12  Arthur Okonkwo

AMT13  Takehiro Tomiyasu

AMT14  Nuno Tavares

AMT15  Bukayo Saka

AMT16  Emile Smith Rowe

AMT17  Albert Sambi Lokonga

AMT18  Gabriel Martinelli

AMT19  Charlie Patino


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