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World Football UNIQUE 2023/24
Information, Terms and Conditions

Hong Kong & other Countries we may not be able to ship to:

We regret that we are not able to sell or supply our products or services to Hong Kong. 

Postal/freight restrictions may apply from time to time - if you are based in any of the following countries please check if we can ship to your country: Iceland, Egypt, Chile, Peru, Ukraine.

Customer Purchase Limits: You can purchase up to 2 x Display Boxes and up to 2 x 2-pack units (available while stocks last, market allocations will apply). If any order exceeds the purchase limit per customer, Futera reserves the right to decline and refund the purchase.


If the World Football UNIQUE 2023/24 Collection has been sold out by the time your order was placed but where Paypal's system has nevertheless processed your payment, you would receive an email from Futera advising of this occurrence and your Paypal payment would be reimbursed (normally within 3 working days).


Check Your Name & Address: Before completing your purchase, please check that you have provided your correct name, full delivery address including postcode plus Telephone Number as it may not be possible for changes to be made before order processing.  Refunds can not be made for orders shipped to addresses that have not been updated by the customer to Futera before the mailing house’s processing deadline or despatch date whichever is earlier.


Paypal orders: We can only ship to the name and delivery address shown on your Paypal purchase transaction.  If either your name or delivery address is different from what is shown on your Paypal transaction, your purchase may not be able to be accepted and would need to be refunded, or if your order is processed and shipped to the address shown on your Paypal transaction no refunds or claims are possible.  No guarantee can be given that the product would still be available following any amendment requested.  We can not ship orders to third parties nominated by the Paypal purchaser.

We can not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur due to cancellation/refund of an order for whatever reason.


Refunds: Any refund amount would be made to the customer based on the customer’s original payment amount received by Futera in USD$ currency, and any changes in exchange rates or associated financial losses in relation to fees or charges arising during the refund process shall be borne solely by the customer. The company shall not be held liable for any difference in exchange rates and/or fees or charges that may occur in relation to a refund transaction.


Pricing/shipping & charges: Sales prices given on the Online Shop and in sales/marketing material are quoted in USD$ and represent the RRP (recommended retail price), with the shipping costs at checkout being for international registered express, or courier service which may involve local delivery services in the receiving country, and which would exclude any taxes/duty or associated local charges relating to order delivery which would be for the account of the purchaser.  We can not advise on any such charges in relation to receipt of shipments as this varies between countries.

Shipping: Shipping is scheduled to commence shortly before the Collection's Release Date of 23rd December (subject to daily freight handling limits). Delivery timings will be subject to courier routes/local postal services and processing en-route and generally expected to take 7-12 days from an order’s despatch date. As this is a particularly busy period for international freight orders can not be guaranteed to arrive by any particular date.


Unless otherwise stated, orders despatch from Asia and will require a signature upon receipt. Normally within 4 working days from date of despatch or shortly following, Futera will email you with the registered number of your package so that you can track its progress. If you are concerned about delay to your delivery please contact your local courier/Postal Depot giving them the tracking number we will have provided to you.  


Proof of posting/delivery: Purchasers acknowledge and agree that in cases where the Courier/Postal Service provides proof of delivery and/or their online report shows that the order has been delivered to the address provided by the purchaser, no claims for non-delivery shall be entertained. The proof of delivery may include tracking information, delivery confirmation signature, or other relevant documentation demonstrating the successful delivery of the order. The purchaser acknowledges that such evidence provided by the delivering organisation (e.g. Courier/Post Office/local delivery service) is conclusive proof of delivery.


Futera cannot be held accountable for any technical or network issues, errors, failures on the part of Futera or third parties associated with the products, services or sales process (e.g. Paypal transactions or fulfilment) that may impede the ability to purchase products and/or purchase within a specific timeframe. 


All sales are considered final, and no substitutions or refunds are permitted following order processing due to change of mind.


Liability:  Futera’s liability for any order is strictly limited to Futera's published retail price of the product(s) purchased in USD$, exclusive of shipping costs, currency exchange, Paypal transaction fees, bank or other fees & charges in relation to a purchase and/or refund transaction. 


Promotional or discount vouchers can not be used with this offer.


Insert ratios:  insert ratios are averaged across an entire production run and there is no guarantee that any particular card or card type will feature in any pack/box/minicase/case. 'Heritage’ cards have been inserted according to a ratio of 1:2 packs across the production run, and as such there is no guarantee of a Heritage card appearing in any particular 2-pack unit as this would depend on the sequence of orders as they are packed. 


Total card quantities per pack may vary depending on type of insert. Gold plated framed cards may be 23ct or 24ct depending on their Insert Set type. Graphics shown are Artist’s impression. Neither Futera nor any of its sports cards/collectibles/services are endorsed or sponsored by any of the players, teams, associations, bodies, sponsors, events, kit or clothing manufacturers who may appear in our collections, nor are any collections/services/other item or activity representative of, or associated with, or endorsed by any Player/Team/Club/League/Association/Event including any World Cup and no association should be inferred between Futera products/artwork and any World Cup, Competition or other Championship or other Event or title. Futera football cards and/or collectibles are not official products of The FA (The Football Association), The Royal Spanish Football Federation or La Liga. 


Product updates: By selecting to receive Futera marketing communications and/or products, members consent to receiving communications pertaining to other Futera products and services.

By placing an order on our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.  


Please read our full terms at and privacy policy to which you agree when using this website and Shop facility. /

Contact Us:  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before placing an order. Please contact us at

Content and description subject to change. Copyright © 2023 Futera Limited, Hong Kong.

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