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THE HISTORY OF YOUR TADDY… and why it seems to have a hole in it!

I wanted to take a moment on the ‘behind the scenes’ from the creation of the Futera x Taddy cards as I think some of you are a bit confused - not surprisingly - about the apparent’ hole in the card’! The last thing in the world we want is you guys thinking that Futera cards haven't been created with the utmost love and care - they certainly have!

As stated on our product pages, these cards were actually created as a current day football card but as a ‘card within a card’. Actually, the outside card (63mm x 89mm) acts as a ‘frame’ with an aperture to allow for the inset of a ‘cigarette card’ size printed card - thus providing collectors with continuity from the original 'Prominent Footballers’ small cigarette cards created by Taddy & Co in the 1920s which were 36mm x 67mm (see photos). Paying homage to such an esteemed product as the Taddy card, we really wanted to get as close as possible to replicating the original look and feel in commemorating the vintage theme and cards from that era. So don’t worry if your card comes out of its frame - it’s kind of meant to! Those of you lucky enough to have found a 24ct gold plated framed card may have wondered about the foil-numbering. Well, on the left of the frame you’ll find the card’s sequential number next to its Edition number (this release featured cards from ‘Prominent Footballers’ Editions 2 and 3).

So, if your number was, say, 03/02 this means your card number was ’03’ from Edition 2’s Checklist. On the right side of the card, would be an exciting ’01/01’ meaning that only one of that player’s 24ct gold plated framed card was created and exists worldwide! We appreciate that some of this messaging may have been missed amongst the excitement of the release, so we thought it was worth giving a quick update! Many of you have spoken glowingly about the release, and as always, we love to have your feedback and see you with your cards. If you have any questions, our door is always open and you know that you can contact the support team via All the best, Adam


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