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Bateson87 on the Soccer Cards & Chill podcast!

Is FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) contributing to the rise of soccer cards?

Soccer Cards & Chill is a podcast from Futera dedicated to the Beautiful Game and the Soccer card hobby.

Best-known across the web as Bateson87, Jamie Bateson is a FIFA YouTube gamer who also streams live on Twitch. His Bateson87 Twitch channel has more than 750,000 followers.

As well as being prominent in the world of gaming, Jamie is an avid card collector!

In this episode of the podcast, Adam and Jamie talk about the crossover between #FUT and Soccer Cards, the impact that Ultimate Team has had on the Soccer Card renaissance, which cards Jamie likes to hunt for, and what are the skills needed to be a FIFA superstar?

Jamie also documents his journey to becoming a professional FIFA player, and the pair discuss Futera's NFT project 'Futera United’ - the world’s first NFT-created community to build a real Football Club from the foundations up!


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