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The Futera APP: Online Album & card information services (inc. Portfolio/Card Valuations)

What is the Futera App?

This App is available free on the Apple store and Google Play, making it available for anybody with a smartphone.


Collectors can digitally store and sort their Futera football/soccer cards on their mobile phones by entering their card's unique security/data code. Useful information about a card's rarity and features, as well as secondary market value data is also part of the 'collector experience' available from the App.

The Futera App launched with the release of the Futera World Football UNIQUE 2018 Premium Football Card Collection, with new Futera card collections being added to the App ongoing. The App will feature the forthcoming Limited Edition Game & Training-used Memorabilia Card Presentation Sets from Liverpool FC * Manchester City Football Club * World Football titles:- Coaches * Forwards * Legends of Europe * Legends of America.

INTERACTIVE COLLECTOR SERVICES: Interact with free Collector Services to get useful info about the rarity and features of your cards such as...

1. How many cards were actually released at launch date - how rare is your card?

2. The materials & processes used in the creation of the card

3. 360 degree video & photos of original memorabilia items

4. Card & Portfolio values and trading history data based on actual card sales from the secondary market (powered by )

How does the Futera App work?

On opening the App it will take you to the login page. If you don't already have an account you'll have to create one - press the REGISTER button at the bottom of the page and input

1. your user name

2. your email address

3. your password

4. your country of residence

Once you have an account, you can start uploading your cards to the Online Album by entering the code on the card back. Once registered, your card will show up in your Portfolio. The more card codes you add, the larger your online album will become.

From your Online Album, you can click on the card picture to VIEW DETAILS - then use the Menu (top left) and click on the ICONS to reach the different Sections providing information about your cards, their features and their rarity.


Card information services (which have been provided to Collectors from the Futera website over the past few years) can now be accessed with a touch of your phone screen:-

1. 'Code for Collectors'

2. 'Memorabilia Colour Grading'

3. Card/Portfolio values

1. Code for Collectors

Futera created the 'Code for Collectors' service in 2014.

A Futera card code can be entered online to access useful and interesting information about how the card was created such as the materials and finishing processes used, not only the print run but how many of that particular card were actually released, and 'behind the scenes' video/photographs of original memorabilia items.

Futera individually numbers its insert cards and gives each card an associated unique code which not only acts as a security tool for collectors, but provides access to online data about the card itself.

2. Memorabilia Card Colour Grading

Memorabilia Colour Grading is a service which explains the rarity of a card based on the different colours and colour combinations of memorabilia of the card.

Bar charts will show for each Set's cards colour/colour combination, and how many cards were released for each (the fewer cards there are in a column, the more rare those cards are).

With the Futera App, collectors can press the Memorabilia Colour Grading button and the App will show their card, the different colour combinations existing for that card and how many were released of each card. All with one simple action.

3. Online Price Guide is an Online Price Guide for sports cards including Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and many more sports from different Publishers (Panini, Topps, Futera, Upper Deck, etc.) which displays card values and comprehensive collector tools based on actual card sales from the market.

You can even create your own personalised Portfolio of all your trading cards from different publishers and different sports, and access comprehensive data about each card's trading history with multiple options, including customisable analytics and differentiation between graded and ungraded cards.

Futera has integrated the Price Guide into their App so that collectors entering their Futera card codes can get information about their cards' trading history from 'actual card sales' (not just price guide estimates).

The App charts how a card's value has changed over time as well as statistics on highest price, lowest price, average price and how many trades have taken place to date.

The PriceGuide.Cards Portfolio tool can organise and track the value of your card collection. Features include:

* Free pricing data split by grading company and grade

* Image upload tool to make a gallery of your cards

* Customizable analytics

* Optional public mode to show off your collection

* Portfolio Leaderboard

* Quick search system

* Messaging system to connect with other collectors


Example cards are from the Futera World Football UNIQUE 2018 Collection (sold out within 1 week from launch). Terms

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