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WORLD FOOTBALL UNIQUE 2018 Collection - only 240 cases worldwide



This Collection features the most rare and greatest variety of player game-used memorabilia and player signed on-card autograph cards ever presented in a Futera release.


All cards in this Collection are considered rare, ranging from just 1 of a card being created (Futera ‘1 of 1’ cards), to a maximum of only 43 in existence.

QUALITY Each card is individually numbered, and has a unique security/data code which collectors can enter online to get information about their cards’ features and rarity (services available shortly following launch).


Over 150 top football stars have signed Futera cards (on-card autographs) with rarity limited to under 35 cards from each player. The date and location of where the player signed each of his cards is stated on the respective card back.

‘1 of 1s’ - only one of each card exists worldwide

The Collection spans an extensive range of ‘1 of 1’ 24ct gold-framed game and training used Memorabilia cards, on-card Autographs, LABELS, THREADS and Combo Autograph/Memorabilia cards.

EVERY PACK includes either a rare Memorabilia card or an on-card signed Autograph card or a 24ct gold plated framed card of either a ‘Memostars’, ‘Mythicals’, ‘Laces or ‘1 of 1’ Autograph, Memorabilia, Threads or COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia card. Every 3rd pack or more includes a rare ‘Heritage’ card from either an individually numbered gold-foiled set ‘of 23’ or silver-foiled set ‘of 39’.

EVERY DISPLAY BOX (4 Packs) include a pack containing an Autograph Card or a 24ct gold plated framed Autograph or Memorabilia card.

MINICASES (6 Display Boxes) average one ‘1 of 1’ 24ct gold-plated framed card plus two rare 24ct gold-plated framed inserts from any of ‘LACES’ (of 2), ‘MYTHICALS’ (of 7), or ‘MEMOSTARS’ (of 29) - or even a '1 of 1' autograph or memorabilia card - plus 3 on-card signed Autographs, in addition to a spread of 18 rare Memorabilia cards and 6 or more ‘Heritage’ inserts.


Futera’s soccer Memorabilia Archive, which was started over 20 years ago, is substantial and ever-extending to broaden our range of memorabilia for today’s superstars, classic legends as well as to include new players/Rookies impressing in the football arena.


The Collection showcases over 20 different Memorabilia Sets featuring single, double or triple game and training-used memorabilia from the same player and from player combinations such as in the ‘Then & Now’ set. Example below:

Card No. TN18: Maradona & Messi team up featuring Maradona’s Barcelona away game worn jersey from the1983/1984 season and a piece of Lionel Messi’sArgentina game worn jersey from the international friendly vs Brazil at the Beijing National Stadium on the 11th October, 2014.

Details of a player's memorabilia featured in a Futera card are stated on the card back. Several items of memorabilia from the same player can feature across different Sets within the Collection from game-used jersey, shorts, training kits, boots, shinguards, socks to personal accessories and game-used ball

A few more examples from the Collection:


Every card background sets out the individual player’s honours at personal, Club and International level.

COACHES 'of 25'

This set presents a selection of some of the world’s greatest Coaches and Assistant Coaches.


A bespoke storyline was written about each of the 10 players in this Set, presented as a ‘newspaper style’ article for each one, and includes details about the player’s featured memorabilia.

KITCARDS ‘of 39’

Featuring 2 or 3 pieces of game and/or training used memorabilia on the same card.


Traditionally designed in black and gold, Futera’s ‘Memostars’ features 2 pieces of the player’s memorabilia, embellished with a 24ct gold-plated frame.


Futera created the ‘Mythicals’ title many years ago which has become a firm favourite of Futera followers with the Set commemorating current day football greats dating back to classic legends from the1960s.

LACES ‘of 2’

This UNIQUE 2018 Collection introduces Futera’s new classification ‘1 of 2’ cards where only 2 cards have been created. 24 past and present day players feature in this Set, with lace from their game-worn boots (includes Geoff Hurst, England International - the only player ever to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final).

LABELS ‘1 of 1’

This UNIQUE 2018 Collection introduces a new Futera Insert title ‘LABELS’ which presents a Care/laundry or other label from the player’s game or training used kit.

‘1 of 1’ - Autographs/Memorabilia/COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia cards (only 1 of each card created) - includes jersey, training kit, boots, shinguard.

What is a ‘1 of 1’

A ‘1 of 1’ card means that only one has been created and exists worldwide, and as such is considered a true collector’s item. NB: Futera created the ‘1 of 1’ autograph card classification which has subsequently become adopted as an identifiable card category by the Hobby.


Every Memorabilia card is individually photographed front and back, and its data uploaded to Futera’s ‘Code for Collectors’ and ‘Memorabilia Colour Grading Service’ where collectors can check the rarity and features of their cards. These free services will let collectors know if any cards were short-printed which could make them more rare than the published ratio.


As a Publisher we aren’t involved with single card sales as our Collections are security sealed and shipped direct from production for global distribution. Values of cards traded in the secondary market are really up to what a collector is willing to pay for a particular card.

However, Price Guides can be helpful to collectors, and Futera UNIQUE Collections have provided the best boxbreak return on investment for over the past few years:

This particular Price Guide is the world’s No.1 ranked source for soccer/football cards and provides useful data and values of cards from actual sales in the secondary market (not estimates).


You can use the Futera Display Box to store your cards - remove the inner shelf and your soft-sleeved cards can stack neatly inside.


As Futera UNIQUE Collections can sell out quite quickly, it would be easy for us to release many more than 240 cases, but collectors associate ‘rarity’ with the Futera brand, so therefore we don’t.

As pre-launch sales have already exceeded 90%, markets have been allocated so that collectors everywhere can have the opportunity to buy from the new Collection following launch.

If you would like to order, you can visit the ONLINE SHOP at the top of the Home page, or click on:

We hope you enjoy the new Collection.

Kind regards,




CEO, Futera

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