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FUTERA WORLD FOOTBALL UNIQUE 2018 COLLECTION  - only 240 cases worldwide

Investment Grade

* Game-used Memorabilia * On-card signed Autographs * 24ct gold plated inserts

It's been 18 months in the making, and the World Football UNIQUE 2018 release offers an even greater and more extensive range of game-used memorabilia cards, on-card signed autographs, ‘1 of 1’ cards and 24ct gold plated framed inserts than ever before.

Futera’s objective is to provide value for collectors through content offering variety, rarity and educational interest featuring football greats from around the world from the 1950s through to current day stars.

RARITY: The number of cards issued from each Set in this Collection is small, ranging from just 1 player card in existence, to the largest being just 49 cards of any player. Cards average 2mm density. Insert cards are individually foil-numbered and have a unique security/data code.

Great care and effort goes into a UNIQUE Collection from the initial Checklist planning, design, writing player biographies, sourcing thousands of images, applying unique security/data codes, photographing and cataloguing every insert card, through to analysing and programming their data to create our online Card Information services for collectors.


Each Pack includes either a rare game or training-used Memorabilia card, or an on-card signed Autograph, or a 24ct gold plated framed Futera ‘1 of 1’ Autograph, game-used Memorabilia or COMBO card or other rare 24ct gold-plated insert, plus up to 12 quality 760gsm board Base Set cards.

Only 240 cases will be released worldwide, and markets will be allocated in fairness to collectors everywhere. It would be easy for us to make many more cases, but doing so would erode the rarity that collectors associate with the Futera brand... so we don’t.

The rarity of our cards supports their values in the secondary market, and in fact our Futera World Football UNIQUE releases have provided collectors with the best ROI (return on investment) over the past few years. Source:


Base Set: 120 cards featuring current stars, legends and Rookies.

Heritage: 120 cards. Limited to 23 (Gold) or 39 (Silver) sets. The next title on a Checklist would normally be a Parallel Set. However, whilst they are an easy and economical ‘run on’ of the Base Set, with perhaps a colour change or some small point of difference, we don’t favour this treatment, so we don’t make Parallels any more.

Instead, our ‘Heritage’ Set, whilst featuring the same 120 Base Set players, is produced with different player images, given a different design style, with cards being individuallly foil numbered and limited to a low release. Heritage’ comes as a rare ‘Gold’ version of only 23 sets produced, and the ’Silver’ version of just 39 sets.


Game-used memorabilia cards: Useful information about the card’s memorabilia is stated on the card back, such as the date/season/which game and venue the memorabilia is from.

Conquerors: 45 card set / Limited to 49 sets

The Story of a Legend: 50 card set / Limited to 39 sets

Then&Now: 25 card set/ Limited to 39 sets

Kitcard: 25 card set/ Limited to 39 sets

Pitchside: 20 card set / Limited to 35 sets

History Makers: 45 card sets/ LImited to 35 sets

Versus: 25 card set / Limited to 35 sets

Captains: 25 card set / Limited to 35 sets

National Heroes: 25 card set / Limited to 35 sets

Coach: 20 card set / Limited to 25 sets

Training Ground: 15 card set / Limited to 25 sets

Trio with Italian design theme:-

Libero:10 card set / Limited to 19 sets

Regista: 10 card set / Limited to 19 sets

Trequartista: 10 card set / Limited to 19 sets

Archive: 10 card set / Limited to 10 sets

Headliners: 10 card set / Limited to 10 sets

ON-CARD SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS: Autographs are signed on-card by the player. The text on the card back tells collectors the date and place of when and where the player signed the card. Over 135 players have signed on-card (Limited to less than 35 on-card signed autographs per player).

* Triumph

* Superstars

* Maestro


MEMOSTARS: 23 card set / Limited to 29 sets

MYTHICALS: 99 card set / Limited to 7 sets

LACES ‘1 of 2’: 25 card set / only 2 of each card exists


Only 1 card exists for each player featured in each of the following categories:-

‘1 of 1’ LABELS (features the care label from player’s game-used kit)

‘1 of 1’ on-card Autograph cards

‘1 of 1’ Game-used Memorabilia cards

‘1 of 1’ COMBO on-card Autograph with game-used Memorabilia cards

‘1 of 1’ THREADS cards (player signed jersey)

* * *


All Futera inserts cards are individually foil-numbered so that collectors can know how many cards were produced and understand their rarity. Additionally, every card is catalogued and has a unique security/data code. The card's code can be entered online to access information about the card’s creation (desktop or the new Futera App).

The Futera App enables collectors to save a ‘digital partner’ of their insert cards in a virtual album, and access collector support services to help them in their trading decisions, including Futera’s ‘Code for Collectors’ and ‘Memorabilia Colour Grading’.

MEMORABILIA GRADING SERVICE: How rare is your card? Futera’s ‘Memorabilia Colour Grading Service’ was launched several years ago as a world first for the trading card Hobby. A card’s memorabilia content is graded by colour/colour combinations and programmed into easy-to-read bar charts - find out how many cards were released for a specific player and where your card appears on the charts.

CODE FOR COLLECTORS SERVICE: Another world first created by Futera for the Trading Card hobby to help collectors understand the features and rarity of their cards. The unique code on a Futera card acts as a useful security measure as well as a data code to access online information about how the card was created, such as the photography, materials and processes used, how many cards were actually released, with photographs/videos from production stages.

We continually strive to bring new ideas and information services to the Hobby to enhance a collector's trading card experience and knowledge about their cards - we hope you will enjoy the new Collection!


Gwyneth Glascodine

CEO Futera

Enquiries: please contact us at

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