RARE OPPORTUNITY!  - The World Football UNIQUE 2018 release SOLD OUT within 2 weeks of launch date, however 1 Minicase (6 Display Boxes) - which had been reserved but the purchase not completed - has been released back to the Online Shop and available to buy as Display Boxes (or contact us at info@futera.com to enquire about purchasing as a minicase unit).  


FUTERA WORLD FOOTBALL UNIQUE 2018 PREMIUM CARD COLLECTION  - only 240 cases worldwide.  Display Box: USD$299  + USD$9.50 international delivery

Investment Grade * Game-used Memorabilia * On-card signed Autographs * 24ct gold plated inserts *

This Collection offers an even greater and more extensive range of game-used memorabilia cards, on-card signed autographs, ‘1 of 1’ cards and 24ct gold plated framed inserts than ever before.

Sales Catalogue: http://futeratools.com/documents/WFUQ2018SalesSheet_INFO.pdf

DISPLAY BOX (4 packs):  Each Display Box includes one pack which has either an on-card signed Autograph, or a 24ct gold plated framed Autograph, Memorabilia or Combo card, or '1 of 1' 24ct gold plated framed card.

Note: A '1 of 1' card is the most rare card category with only one of its particular specification created for the player featured - only one existing worldwide.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY - market allocations will apply.    
Enquries:  info@futera.com

Terms & Conditions:
Customers placing orders through the Online Shop system will receive an email from Futera confirming if their order has been successful. If you do not receive an email from Futera within 48 hours of placing your order, please email Futera at info@futera.com to ask if they have received your order.  Available while stocks last.
Visuals shown may be artist’s impression and not representative of final product, final designs may change prior to release. Description, checklist, content and pricing are subject to change without notice. Insert ratios are averages across the entire production and no particular card can be guaranteed to appear in any particular pack/box/minicase/case.
Please read the Returns/Refunds and Shipping Information sections on this page and also visit the home page for a reminder of our full terms & conditions to which you agree when using this website and Shop facility - www.futera.com




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