Moments is a Limited Edition weekly release of quality Moments Base cards featuring the Club's First Team players from the current season. Each card is individually foil-numbered # to 40, plus rare Parallels # to 10, # to 5 and # 1 of 1 are inserted into the release in line with their insert ratios.
Each week a new Moments Base card will be released through the Futera Online Store.  Futera UNIQUE-LIVE cards are not 'print-on-demand', and when they sell out, they sell out.
With one single payment, you can be sure not to miss out, adding players such as Yuto Nagatomo, Boubacar Kamara, Darío Benedetto, Morgan Sanson and many more Olympique de Marseille players to your collection over the weeks.
BASE CARD SEASON TICKETS limited quantity/available while stocks last.  
- A Season Ticket guarantees a total of 24 Moments Base cards from the selected Club (based on one Base card releasing each week from its launch date through total 24 weeks). 
- Parallel cards are inserted in line with their insert ratios. 
- Purchase is limited to 1 season ticket per card category per household. 
 - Shipping: Cards are held and accrued in batches of 6 cards for combined/discount shipping ('FUTERA VAULT'). 


Shipping:  we would hold and accrue the 'Moments' Base cards to ship in batches of 6 cards from launch date (i.e  shipping as 6 cards x 4 shipments to total the 24 weekly-released cards).     Launch end February (tbc). 


Season ticket option applies to Global Edition only.


Orders from China, Hong Kong & Macau:  Please email us at to place your order request through the appropriate distributor (in line with household/market allocations and subject to availability at the time of request). with household/market allocations and subject to availability at the time of request). 

SEASON TICKET - Olympique de Marseille Base Cards

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