Ultra-rare Limited Edition Sets



Each Presentation Boxed Set features a selection of 9 players comprising 5 players x 24ct gold plated framed on-card signed Autographs together with 4 player x game-used Memorabilia cards plus an ultra-rare Centrepiece game-used Memorabilia card '1 of 1’, 'of 2’, ‘of 3' or 'of 4' of one of the featured players.




MPII1 Sergio Aguero - (Autograph)

MPII2 Kevin De Bruyne - (Autograph)

MPII3 Ederson - (Memorabilia)

MPII4 Phil Foden - (Autograph)

MPII5 Ilkay Gundogan - (Memorabilia)

MPII6 Aymeric Laporte - (Autograph)

MPII7 Leroy Sane - (Memorabilia)

MPII8 Bernardo Silva - (Autograph)

MPII9 Raheem Sterling - (Memorabilia)


Centrepiece cards Edition II - 24ct gold plated framed Memorabilia card

One centrepiece card per set - centrepiece cards are inserted randomly across the sets and do not relate to the Set number.

MPCII1 Ederson (of 1) * MPCII2 Ilkay Gundogan (of 3) * MPCII3 Leroy Sane (of 4) * MPCII4 Raheem Sterling (of 2).  

Key features
* Autographs are on-card signed.  The date and location of when and where the player signed the cards is given on the card backs.

* Game-used memorabilia cards - details about the player’s memorabilia is given on the card backs.

* EACH card is individually foil numbered and has a unique security/data code.  Each Presentation box includes a gold-foiled Certificate. 

* Cards are individually photographed, with every card's unique data entered into Futera's 'Code for Collectors' database for authentication.  

* Futera APP * ONLINE ALBUM * CARD VALUES:  Enter your card codes to digitally store and sort your cards digitally in an online Album * Get information about the rarity and features of each card from Futera's free Collector Services - 'Code for Collectors', 'Memorabilia Card Grading' + search card values based on actual card sales from the secondary market (powered by




MARKET ALLOCATIONS:  In fairness to collectors across the different regions customer and market allocations apply and some markets may already be fully allocated.  Before purchasing please check availability and payment arrangements for your location by emailing 


  • TERMS OF PURCHASE: Please see ‘Additional Info’ sections herewith including shipping & returns.
  • Allocations: Set purchase is limited to '2 per household' and subject to market allocations. Sets available while stocks last and market allocations apply (we recommend that before purchasing please check availability for your location by emailing
  • Content and desription subject to change.
  • Futera will email customers to confirm if their reservation/purchase has been accepted - until you receive an email from Futera, no purchase is confirmed. Prices exclude any taxes/duty applicable to country of receipt.
  • Visuals are artist's impression at this pre-release stage and are not final player image/design, nor are representative of any particular player card, insert or set, and images and descriptions are subject to change. No particular Set, player card mix or centrepiece card can be requested; centrepiece cards are inserted randomly prior to packing & security-sealing and do not relate to any particular Card Set number. 
  • Please refer to up to date Checklist and visuals at release date and to full terms & conditions at

MANCHESTER CITY Edition II 24ct plated framed Autograph and Memorabilia Sets



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