Add this Limited Edition Gabriel Jesus Manchester City Liverpool Phenoms 24ct gold plated framed card to your Futera UNIQUE-LIVE collection today!


This Phenoms 24ct gold plated framed card is individually foil-numbered from a limited release # to 5 featuring the Club's young stars.  An ultra-rare '1 of 1' Parallel  is randomly inserted within this release.


Phenoms is a limited edition release of 24ct gold plated framed cards # to 5 featuring the Club's young stars. Each Phenoms card is individually foil-numbered # to 5, plus a rare Parallel # 1 of 1 is inserted into the release in line with its insert ratios.


Purchase Limit (customer/market allocations apply):

This item is currently  limited to a maximum of 1 card per household.  




UNIQUE-LIVE is a weekly release of Limited Edition football cards. Every card is individually foil-numbered so that collectors can be assured about the rarity of the card.


KEY FEATURES and examples of card types from across the collection


  • All cards are Limited Edition with a published release quantity.
  • Every card is individually foil-numbered so that collectors can know how rare their card is.
  • Unique card identifier.
  • Foiled elements front and back.
  • Cards of 2-4mm
  • On-card Autographs state when and where the player signed the card.
  • Game-used Memorabilia cards give details about the item featured.
  • 24ct gold plated framed cards
  • '1 of 1' cards - only one card crafted for the featured player


Futera UNIQUE-LIVE cards are not 'print-on-demand'. They are limited edition cards released on a weekly basis. When they sell out, they sell out. This protects the card’s rarity for collectors.


SHIPPING: Orders aim to despatch between 14-21 working days following the associated week's release. Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain collections launch during March with shipping commencing on average 14 working days from the processing of each week's orders starting with Week 1.


GLOBAL Edition |  CHINA Edition 
Due to the difficulty for collectors from China accessing websites, social media and online shop options, a different colourway 'China Edition' of UNIQUE-LIVE will be distributed through appointed Chinese distributors Shanghai Ruika Trading Co. Ltd.(China).  Both Editions are available to everyone to purchase through the respective channels (Global Edition through Futera Online Shop China Edition through Shanghai Ruika Trading Co. Ltd. (China). The China Edition has the same or similar content, release quantities and card selection but is created with different colourways.

Orders from customers located in China, Hong Kong & Macau:  Please email with your order request which will be handled by the appropriate supplier. Applies to both purchases from the Global or China Edition and in line with household/market allocations and availability at the time of purchase request.


Collector Services: With the Futera Trading Card app you can virtually store your collection on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Check out how rare your cards are, how many were released, and how they were were created. Other info includes Memorabila Colour Grading, and card values from actual sales in the secondary market powered by


Card information services available through the app shortly following release.

Gabriel Jesus Phenoms 24ct Gold Plated Framed

SKU: ulmcph11
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