ARSENAL DISPLAY BOX = 4 PACKS (EVERY PACK includes 1 MEMORABILIA CARD and/or other Insert + up to 12 quality Base Set cards).  


Collection summary

The Arsenal UNIQUE 2016 soccer card Collection is limited to just 20 cases worldwide.

The Collection includes a comprehensive range of player game-used memorabilia from footballing greats past and present + hunt for the '1 of 1' 'Threads' autograph cards. 

There are 3 Limited Edition Memorabilia Card Sets featuring either single, double or triple memorabilia and spanning player game-used jerseys, boots, training-worn gear and match-used balls, with each memorabilia card giving details such as what game/date/season the player's memorabilia relates to.

The Collection includes rare '1 of 1' Threads Autograph and Threads COMBO Autograph + Memorabilia cards encased in gold-plated frames;  '1 of 1' Production Sets featuring elements from the card's production such as printer's plate and proofs, and rare 'MYTHICALS' Memorabilia cards (limited to only 7 sets released) which are encased in a gold-plated frame.   Note: A '1 of 1' card means that only one of its particular design has been produced for the featured player and as such is most rare and a true collector's item.

EVERY PACK includes either a Memorabilia card or other special Insert, and additionally some packs include a Main Set Parallel card from a limited run of just 11 sets (Gold) or 21 sets (Silver). 

For card descriptions, photographs and insert ratios please click on the INFO SHEET above.

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