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Released in 2021

Autographed Mythical '1 of 1'

JM01 - Jaackmaate (Jaackmaate Youtube Channel, Cardsmaate Instagram page, West Ham Presenter and Happy Hour podcast)

(Signed in Norwich on 13th March 2021)

HW01 - Hughwizzy (Hughwizzy Youtube Channel, Late Night Fraudulence, FTP podcast)

TSM01 - Max Rushdon (talkSPORT Presenter, Soccer AM Presenter)

TSM02 - Barry Glendenning (talkSPORT Presenter)

HTM01 - Seb Carmichael-Brown (Hashtag United FC founder, Seb on Golf Youtube Channel, Wembley Cup)

HTM02 - Alex Osipczak (Hashtag United FC founder, Spencer & Alex Youtube Channel, Wembley Cup)

HTM03 - Spencer Owen (Hashtag United FC founder, Spencer FC Youtube Channel, Spencer & Alex Youtube Channel, Wembley Cup)

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