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Futera Arsenal Unique 2016


50 card Base Set. Insert ratio:  Up to 12 quality Base Set cards per pack, 1mm dense board with gold foiling on card front and back.


   1.Petr Cech

   2.David Ospina




   3.Hector Bellerin

   4.Calum Chambers

   5.Kieran Gibbs

   6.Laurent Koscielny

   7.Per Mertesacker

   8.Nacho Monreal

   9.Gabriel Paulista




   10.Mikel Arteta

   11.Santi Cazorla

   12.Francis Coquelin

   13.Mohamed Elneny

   14.Mathieu Flamini

   15.Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

   16.Mesut Ozil

   17.Aaron Ramsey

   18.Jack Wilshere




   19.Joel Campbell

   20.Olivier Giroud

   21.Alex Iwobi

   22.Alexis Sanchez

   23.Theo Walcott

   24.Danny Welbeck


The Greats 


   25.Tony Adams

   26.Dennis Bergkamp

   27.Steve Bould

   28.Liam Brady

   29.Sol Campbell

   30.Paul Davis

   31.Lee Dixon

   32.Thierry Henry

   33.Nwankwo Kanu

   34.Martin Keown


   36.Jens Lehmann

   37.Freddie Ljungberg

   38.Paul Merson

   39.David O'Leary

   40.Marc Overmars

   41.Ray Parlour

   42.Emmanuel Petit

   43.Robert Pires

   44.David Rocastle

   45.David Seaman

   46.Michael Thomas

   47.Patrick Vieira

   48.Sylvain Wiltord

   49.Nigel Winterburn

   50.Ian Wright


Parallel Sets   Limited Edition Sets 'of 11' and 'of 21'

There are two 50 card Parallel Base Sets (‘Gold’ Limited Edition 'of 11' and ‘Silver’ Limited Edition 'of 21').  Insert ratio: One card from either Set 1:4 packs

1 - 120             Silver Set                         Limited Edition 'of 21'

1 - 120             Gold Set                          Limited Edition 'of 11'


Memorables   Limited Edition Dual Memorabilia Set 'of 49'

16 card Set ‘of 49’. Cards feature a piece of the player’s game memorabilia on the card front with a piece of a Matchday Programme on the back.

MEM01    Mikel Arteta

MEM02    Joel Campbell

MEM03    Santi Cazorla

MEM04    Calum Chambers

MEM05    Mathieu Debuchy

MEM06    Kieran Gibbs

MEM07    Olivier Giroud

MEM08    Laurent Koscielny

MEM09    Per Mertesacker

MEM10    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

MEM11    Mesut Ozil

MEM12    Aaron Ramsey

MEM13    Tomas Rosicky

MEM14    Alexis Sanchez

MEM15    Theo Walcott

MEM16    Jack Wilshere

Kitcard   Limited Edition Dual & Triple Memorabilia Set 'of 35’

14 card set ‘of 35’. Each KITCARD features 2 or 3 pieces of memorabilia as game-worn jersey, training-worn gear, match-used ball.


KC01    Mikel Arteta

KC02    Joel Campbell

KC03    Santi Cazorla

KC04    Calum Chambers

KC05    Kieran Gibbs

KC06    Olivier Giroud

KC07    Laurent Koscielny

KC08    Per Mertesacker

KC09    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

KC10    Mesut Ozil

KC11    Aaron Ramsey

KC12    Alexis Sanchez

KC13    Theo Walcott

KC14    Jack Wilshere

National Heroes   Limited Edition Dual Memorabilia Set 'of 29'

5 card set ‘of 29’. Cards feature 2 players from the same country.  The set features game-used and training-used memorabilia.

NH01    Mathieu Debuchy & Laurent Koscielny

NH02    Calum Chambers & Kieran Gibbs

NH03    Mikel Arteta & Santi Cazorla

NH04    Per Mertesacker & Mesut Ozil

NH05    Jack Wilshere & Theo Walcott

Mythicals   Limited Edition Memorabilia cards presented in gold plated frames 'of 7'

18 card set ‘of 7’. The MYTHICALS cards feature an XL piece of Matchday Programme and are presented in a gold-plated frame. Each player’s No. 1gold-plated framed card features a certified diamond.  These rare, highly sought-after cards feature a comprehensive range of both player and coach legends from the 1950s through to the 2000s

MYTH01    George Allison

MYTH02    Clifford Bastin

MYTH03    Denis Compton

MYTH04    Ted Drake

MYTH05    Charlie George

MYTH06    George Graham

MYTH07    Eddie Hapgood

MYTH08    Alex James

MYTH09    Frank McLintock

MYTH10    Bob McNab

MYTH11    Bertie Mee

MYTH12    Joe Mercer

MYTH13    Terry Neill

MYTH14    Pat Rice

MYTH15    Frank Stapleton

MYTH16    George Swindin

MYTH17    Tom Whittaker

MYTH18    Bob Wilson


UNIQUE '1 OF 1' AUTOGRAPH CARDS in gold-plated frame

Individually created, a ‘1 of 1’ is the most rare type of collectible within a Collection where only one of each exists.


1 of 1 Autographs

Cards feature the player autograph and are encased in a 24ct gold plated frame.

  • Robert Pires

  • David Seaman

  • Tony Adams

  • Nwankwo Kanu

  • Lee Dixon

  • Petr Cech

  • Danny Welbeck

  • Steve Bould

  • Dennis Bergkamp

  • Ray Parlour

  • Marc Overmars

  • Alexander Hleb

  • Theo Walcott

  • Charlie George

  • Julio Baptista

  • Martin Keown

  • Alan Smith

  • Sylvinho

  • Nigel Winterburn

  • Mathieu Flamini


1 of 1 Combo Autograph + Memorabilia

Cards feature the player autograph + a piece of player memorabilia. Cards are encased in a 24ct gold plated frame.

  • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

  • Mikel Arteta

  • Per Mertesacker

  • Olivier Giroud

1 of 1 Threads Autograph

Cards feature a player’s autograph signed on a football jersey. Cards are encased in a 24ct gold plated frame.



  •  Denilson

  •  Eduardo

  •  Emmanuel Eboue

  •  David Ospina

  •  David Welbeck

  •  Coquelin

  •  Francis Coquelin

  •  David Seaman

  •  Tony Adams

  •  Freddie Ljungberg

  •  Nelson Vivas

  •  Dennis Bergkamp

  •  Alex Manninger

  •  Ray Parlour

  •  Emmanuel Petit

  •  Jack Wilshere

  •  Santi Cazorla


  •  Eduardo

  •  Denilson

  •  Emmanuel Eboue

  •  Mikel Silvestre

  •  Jens Lehmann

  •  Andrey Arshavin

  •  Thierry Henry

  •  Sol Campbell

  •  Gilberto Silva


1 of 1 Threads Combo Autograph + Memorabilia

Cards feature a player’s autograph signed on a football jersey + a piece of player memorabilia.  Cards are encased in a 24ct gold plated frame.




  •  Kieran Gibbs

  •  Per Mertesacker

  •  Theo Walcott

  •  Serge Gnabry

  •  Aaron Ramsey

  •  Joel Campbell


  •  Theo Walcott

  •  Joel Campbell

  •  Tomas Rosicky

  •  Aaron Ramsey


1 of 1 Production Sets

‘1 of 1’ Production Sets have been created for 13 of the Collection’s Base Set Parallel cards, each presented in a small booklet containing elements relating to stages in the proofing, printing (limited to 1 colour printing plate released), and production of the featured card.'

  • Petr Cech

  • David Ospina

  • Laurent Koscielny

  • Nacho Monreal

  • Santi Cazorla

  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

  • Mesut Ozil

  • Aaron Ramsey

  • Jack Wilshere

  • Olivier Giroud

  • Alex Iwobi

  • Alexis Sanchez

  • Theo Walcott

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