Futera Arsenal Unique 2015

 Only 15 cases worldwide

A very Limited Release of only 15 cases worldwide, this investment-grade Arsenal Premium Card Collection features up to 12 quality cards plus a Memorabilia card plus a rare Parallel Card in every pack (unless the Pack contains a 'special '1 of 1' or 'Mythicals' insert).  Memorabilia cards feature either 1, 2 or 3 pieces of player memorabilia which could be from the player's game-used jersey, training kit, game-worn boots and/or match-used ball.

'Special Inserts include rare 'Mythicals' cards of Arsenal legends, '1 of 1' player Autograph cards presented in a gold-plated frame with diamonds,  '1 of 1' COMBO Autograph with memorabilia cards presented in a gold-plated frame with diamonds,  as well as '1 of 1' Printing Plate Production Sets with Certificate card.  Note: A '1 of 1' insert means that only 1 of its design was created and exists worldwide and as such is  considered a true collector's item.

50 Regular Cards.  Up to 12  Regular cards per Pack. 
plus EVERY Pack includes a Memorabilia Card or other rare Insert.


  1. Emiliano Martinez Base Set

  2. David Ospina Base Set

  3. Wojciech Szczesny Base Set


    4. Hector Bellerin Base Set

    5. Calum Chambers Base Set

    6. Mathieu Debuchy Base Set

    7. Gabriel Base Set

    8. Kieran Gibbs Base Set

    9. Isaac Hayden Base Set

   10. Laurent Koscielny Base Set

   11. Per Mertesacker Base Set

   12. Nacho Monreal Base Set




   13. Mikel Arteta Base Set

   14. Santi Cazorla Base Set

   15. Francis Coquelin Base Set

   16. Abou Diaby Base Set

   17. Mathieu Flamini Base Set

   18. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Base Set

   19. Mesut Ozil Base Set

   20. Aaron Ramsey Base Set

   21. Tomas Rosicky Base Set

   22. Jack Wilshere Base Set

   23. Gedion Zelalem Base Set



   24. Chuba Akpom Base Set

   25. Olivier Giroud Base Set

   26. Serge Gnabry Base Set

   27. Alexis Sanchez Base Set

   28. Theo Walcott Base Set

   29. Danny Welbeck Base Set


The Greats  

A 21 card Subset featuring legend Arsenal superstars

   30. Tony Adams Base Set - The Greats

   31. Dennis Bergkamp Base Set - The Greats

   32. Steve Bould Base Set - The Greats

   33. Liam Brady Base Set - The Greats

   34. Sol Campbell Base Set - The Greats

   35. Charlie George Base Set - The Greats

   36. Gilberto Silva Base Set - The Greats

   37. Thierry Henry Base Set - The Greats

   38. Pat Jennings Base Set - The Greats

   39. Fredrik Ljungberg Base Set - The Greats

   40. Paul Merson Base Set - The Greats

   41. David OÍLeary Base Set - The Greats

   42. Marc Overmars Base Set - The Greats

   43.Emmanuel Petit Base Set - The Greats

   44. Robert Pires Base Set - The Greats

   45. David Seaman Base Set - The Greats

   46. Alan Smith Base Set - The Greats

   47. Patrick Vieira Base Set - The Greats

   48. Bob Wilson Base Set - The Greats

   49. Nigel Winterburn Base Set - The Greats

   50. Ian Wright Base Set - The Greats

The Collection features two limited run 50 Card Parallel Base Sets. 
Insert Ratio: 1 card from either of the following Sets 1:1.5 packs

GOLD (of 16 Sets):   Parallel Base Set produced on gold colour board with gold colour foiling
Note: cards are numbered up to or less than 16

PLATINUM (of 8 Sets): Parallel Base Set produced on platinum colour matt board with titanium colour foiling
Note: cards are numbered up to or less than 8

Insert Ratio: 1:1 pack (one card from any of the following Sets per pack, unless pack includes other rare Insert - see below) 


'12 Card Set - (of 50 Sets) 
Note: cards are numbered up to or less than 50
This Set showcases a selection of Arsenal players with each card featuring a piece of the player’s game-used Jersey.

MEM01  Mikel Arteta                          Memorable

MEM02   Santi Cazorla                        Memorable

MEM03   Mesut Ozil                            Memorable

MEM04   Serge Gnabry                       Memorable

MEM05   Laurent Koscielny                 Memorable

MEM06   Aaron Ramsey                       Memorable

MEM07   Kieran Gibbs                         Memorable

MEM08   Olivier Giroud                       Memorable

MEM09   Theo Walcott                        Memorable

MEM10   Calum Chambers                 Memorable

MEM11   Mathieu Debuchy                Memorable

MEM12   Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain  Memorable

5 Card Set (of 35 Sets)  Note: cards are numbered up to or less than 35
TEAMMATES features a piece of player game-used jersey from 2 different Arsenal players on the same card.

TM01  Mikel Arteta & Theo Walcott                          Teammates

TM02  Laurent Koscielny & Kieran Gibbs                  Teammates

TM03  Aaron Ramsey & Santi Cazorla                       Teammates

TM04  Olivier Giroud & Mesut Ozil                           Teammates

TM05  Calum Chambers & Mathieu Debuchy          Teammates


15 Card Set (of 27 Sets) Note: cards are numbered up to or less than 27 Cards feature 1, 2 or 3 pieces of player memorabilia on the same card including combinations from game-used shirts, training jerseys, shorts and boots.

Card examples:  Alexis Sanchez' training-worn shirt;  a piece of Jack Wilshere's game-worn boots + training worn jersey; Mikel Arteta's game-worn shirt, training-worn jacket + training worn shorts

VT01  Mikel Arteta                       Virtuoso

VT02  Santi Cazorla                      Virtuoso

VT03  Mesut Ozil                          Virtuoso

VT04  Serge Gnabry                     Virtuoso

VT05  Laurent Koscielny               Virtuoso

VT06  Aaron Ramsey                     Virtuoso

VT07  Kieran Gibbs                        Virtuoso

VT08  Olivier Giroud                       Virtuoso

VT09  Theo Walcott                        Virtuoso

VT10  Calum Chambers                  Virtuoso

VT11  Mathieu Debuchy                  Virtuoso

VT12  Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain    Virtuoso

VT13  Alexis Sanchez                       Virtuoso

VT14  Jack Wilshere                         Virtuoso

VT15  Per Mertesacker                      Virtuoso


Retro style Set featuring Arsenal legends with each card presented in a gold-plated frame with diamonds
3 Card Set (of 7 Sets)  Note: cards are numbered up to or less than 7
Insert ratio: 1 or more per Case

MYTH01  Cliff Bastin             Mythicals

MYTH02  Ted Drake              Mythicals

MYTH03  Alex James            Mythicals


'1 of 1' INSERTS -  only 1 of each item/card's design for the featured player exists worldwide

'1 of 1' AUTOGRAPH and '1 of 1' COMBO AUTOGRAPH with MEMORABILIA cards presented in gold-plated frame
MEMORABILIA cards presented in gold-plated frame with diamonds. 
Insert ratio:  A Case will include 2 cards from the following:-


The Gold Set   

 Hector Bellerin                              Autograph card 

 Danny Welbeck                             Autograph card 

 David Ospina                                 Autograph card 

 Wojciech Szczesny                        Autograph card 

 Mathieu Flamini                            Autograph card

 Mathieu Debuchy                         COMBOAutograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Kieran Gibbs                                 COMBOAutograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Laurent Koscielny                         COMBOAutograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Santi Cazorla                                 COMBOAutograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Per Mertesacker                           COMBOAutograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Olivier Giroud                              COMBOAutograph with Memorabilia on same card


The Platinum Set  

 Wojciech Szczesny                  Autograph card 

 Nacho Monreal                       Autograph card 

 Kieran Gibbs                           Autograph card 

 Tomas Rosicky                        Autograph card 

 Aaron Ramsey                        Autograph card 

 Per Mertesacker                    Autograph card 

 Theo Walcott                         Autograph card 

 Olivier Giroud                       Autograph card 

 Laurent Koscielny                 Autograph card 

 Serge Gnabry                       COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card


The Ball Set   

 Danny Welbeck                   Autograph card 

 Tomas Rosicky                     Autograph card 

 David Ospina                      Autograph card 

 Laurent Koscielny               COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Per Mertesacker                 COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Kieran Gibbs                      COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Theo Walcott                     COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Olivier Giroud                    COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card

 Aaron Ramsey                    COMBO Autograph with Memorabilia on same card


'1 of 1' PRODUCTION SETS with Certificate Card 
Insert ratio:  2 or more per Case
A Production Set includes a metal Printing Plate of the card (some sets include both a front and a back plate) plus one or more elements taken from the production process which could be a ‘Blank Back’ card (no print on the card’s reverse), and/or a ‘Printer’s Proof’ - or more than one type of proof - produced for Publisher-checking before the card goes to press.  Futera has only released 1 Printing Plate (Black) from the Arsenal Card Sets, and as such these Production Sets themselves are ‘1 of 1’,  they are unique with only 1 Production Set existing worldwide for the associated card’s design. The  Printing Plate cards have a unique code, and the Production Sets include a Certificate card. A true collector’s item. 

Checklist date: 6th August 2015

Card codes for the Arsenal Premium Trading Card Collections are unique card security codes which collectors can enter online at www.futera.com to access information about their card’s features and rarity at ‘Code for Collectors’ (free service) - the codes will activate approx. 7-10 days after launch once collection data has been uploaded. 

Collectors can check the rarity of their memorabilia cards using the Memorabilia Card Colour Grading Charts at www.futera.com  (service available approx. 7-10 days after launch once collection data has been  uploaded).

Number of cards per Pack will vary depending on insert card(s) included and some packs may have several main set cards less than indicated to accommodate a particular type of special insert card. Insert ratios quoted represent averages taken across the entire production run and as such no particular card type or quantity of a particular card can be guaranteed to exist in any particular pack/box/minicase/case. Consequently, there will be some packs which will have less or more than the number shown as being the 'average' figure and no claims can be made for any card not appearing in any box/minicase/case mix and no replacement or substitute cards can be provided.  Designs, description and collection specification/content are subject to change. Please refer to the full Terms of Use and purchase which you agree to upon using the www.futera.com  website and making purchases of Futera products and/or services through any facility of the Futera network (including Facebook, websites, online shop or other).

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